Apocalypse-W is an alternate universe connected to the Storm's Brewing Universe. The world of Apocalypse-W is separated from the world of Storm's Brewing by many millenia in time; however, they otherwise occupy the same physical space. Apocalypse-W's main timeframe takes place while its version of ZongaZonga still ruled the Caliosteo Islands, and the condition of the islands is very bleak. Ash rains from the sky on a regular basis, and Mt. Krakanak is fully active. The Majestic Vessel Tournament occurs approximately every fifty years, and unlike the Storm's Brewing timeline, Apocalypse-W has yet to reach a point in time where the citizens of the islands revolt.

Role in Relation to Storm's BrewingEdit

While the relationship to Storm's Brewing may or may not have already been implemented, the link between the two universes is thought to be relatively strong. However, the link is also considered to be weak enough that the events that occur within each realm do not directly influence each other.

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