One of the younger competitors, Cahill has short, black hair with a streak of gray in it. Her eyes are a vivid purple. Shy but strong.


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This article contains plot details about an upcoming fanfiction.
  • In Witch- (Not at that particular part yet, xD)

Vivosaurs in WitchEdit

Dino Medal Genus Description Cause of Death
Edapho Edaphosaurus A timid little fellow, Edapho can take a lot of hits for its size. A true survivor. Doesn't die, escapes tsunami
U-raptor Utahraptor Ferocious once Cahill met him, but warmed up to her. Short-tempered. Drowned in flood.
Nyctosaurus Brave, willing to sacrifice his own life to safe his owner from being killed. This valor eventually took his life. Too much water in lungs.

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