Celestial Mii



Celestial Derps is a hippie. No other way to put it. Her favorite color is green, and she wears pretty much all green. Spends most of her time barefoot, although she wears sandals sometimes, if the terrain calls for it. Green Pickaxe, and green radar cover. Green. She favors mainly Air types, although her favorite is U-Raptor. Her team consists of Aeros, U-Raptor, Nycto, Spinax and Tonzilla. She likes animals. Very peaceful, hard to anger.


Celestial lives on Ribular Island, with Rubicon as her friend. 


ON HAND: U-Raptor, Aeros, Tonzilla, Nycto, Hoplo,

VMM: Nigo, Edapho, Lagia, Hibigon, Squiro

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