D-Raptor Revised

D-Raptor is known by it's weird talent of morphing. It appears to be small and green, with salmon colored spikes. What is under its cloth is unknown.

With a Miraculous Fossil Rock, it becomes T-Raptor .

Stats, Ability, and MovesetEdit

Rank 20 Stats:


Species Type:


Full Name:

Disguise Raptor




Dina Sentōki (FFC - TH)

LP- 320

Attack- 78

Defense- 60

Accuracy- 96

Speed- 80

Ability: Link


Sneaky Kick   -  50 FP

Smuggled Venom  -  120 FP

Poison : 80%

Shadow Rage  -  200 FP

Super Poison : 60%

Incognito - 100 FP

Transforms into a random Super Evolver with attack at least 90.

Team Skill ~ Unveiling Danger  -  350 FP

Super Poison : 50%

Super RevivalEdit

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