Gender: Male
Age: 41 Years old (Early Forties)
Birthday: Febuary 26th
Specialty Type: N/A
Likes: Vivosaurs, Flying

Drake is a pilot from Fossil Fighters: Ultra and is the one who brought Seth to the island. Alongside being a pilot, Drake is also a license master, and is the one to certify Seth as a fighter as well as teach Seth how to battle.

Vivosaur TeamEdit

Battle 1Edit

Image Vivosaur Species Personality Stone Evoloution (& Elements)
Spinax-Battle Spinax Spinax N/A Air
Shoni-Battle Shoni Shoni N/A Water
S-Raptor-Battle S-Raptor S-Raptor N/A Fire


  • Drake's vivosaurs were the creator's original team of vivosaurs

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