Chapter 1Edit

There are many worlds unlike yours. You are far away from our dimensions' orbits. However, we always enter your world, but you can't see us. We cause the "paranormal" activities, there are no such things as ghosts. Our rule of thumb is never EVER betray your creator.

Who creates us you ask? Who are "we"?

Well, you create us. We are the ideas of your imagination.


Zongazonga is an ancient sorcerer who ruled the Caliosteo Islands before the present time. He has the ability to take control of people's bodies by inserting his darkened soul and skull into others and knocking their soul and skull out. When a body got old he chose a new one. The people Zongazonga chose would be the Majestic Vessel. To be chosen as the Majestic Vessel was worse than death. To choose a Majestic Vessel, he hosted a tournament and gave his people Vivosaurs. They would use these Vivosaurs to battle one another. The champion would be chosen when she/he was the only one left to fight. The people finally got sick of his ruling and immortality and created the Caliosteo Pipsqueak which knocked Zongazonga's skull out of the Majestic Vessel's body. After the skull was knocked out, Zongazonga couldn't possess another body for a short time. The people used this time to lock him up in The Stone Pyramid in a chest.


"Dina, Dina! Quickly!" yelled a boy. He had reddish brown hair, sea blue eyes, a safari hat, and a green jumpsuit. "DINA! We're gonna miss the helicopter!"

"Sorry, Todd! I'm trying to get my Aeros comfortable! She's sensitive, ya know." replied a girl. She had golden yellow hair, half in a ponytail, half not; chocolate brown eyes, and a blue jumpsuit. The blue goggles on her head shined in the light.

"Does it matter right now? Come onnn!" Todd urged.

Dina glared and closed her dino medal holder. "Geez, Mr. Impatient. There's still ten minutes to let people board. Geez, I can't believe my own half-brother is so hyperactive."

"Hey, you are too! .. Sometimes.." Todd blushed in embarrassment.

The two kids boarded onto the helicopter and put their luggage into a cubby above their seat, but they held on to their Dino Medal holders. Dina took out a cloth, took out her Aeros, and started polishing the dino medal. Todd did the same for his Stego.

'Thank you for this, Master. I really appreciate when you do.' a voice coming from the Aeros medal stated.

Dina smiled and kept polishing. "Aww! No problem, buddy!"

A voice from the Stego medal was heard. 'Thanks, Master, I love being nice and shiny for battling!'

"Anything for you, Stego!" Todd happily continued polishing. "And don't call me Master, Stego. I'm your best friend, not your lord."

A voice was heard on the Intercom. "This is your pilot speaking. Please buckle tight, passengers! We are landing in the Caliosteo Islands soon!"

The helicopter starting hovering down, the earth rumbling a little under it. The sky was more blue than the sea, and not a fluffy, white cloud could be seen in the sky. The air was filled with the scent of a fragrant, relaxing, sea salt smell. The helicopter then landed, and the door opened up. Dina and Todd jumped out first, they wanted to be first off to see the island itself.

Soon, the crowds came in, and a huge television with helicopter propellers flew into the middle of the town square. The screen flashed on and the famous, legendary fossil fighter, Joe Wildwest, who was also a former cowboy, was on the screen. Dina put her goggles on so she could see, her eyes were very bad, so she had special glasses-like goggles to aid her.

Todd and most of the crowd cheered and clapped, but Dina didn't. She saw something, and she didn't like it.

"What's wrong, Dina? It's Joe Wildwest! C'mon, our childhood hero, the reason why we're here!" Todd excitedly whispered.

Dina stayed silent and scowled a bit.

Joe Wildwest finally spoke. "Welcome, parts! Welcome to the Caliosteo Islands!" He paused for the applause. "Right now, you're standing on Ribular Island, the greenest island around! Ribular Town is very special, its filled with many fun things to do! But, that's not all, folks! There's two more islands that you can explore! Cranial, the hot, excitement island, and Ilium, the cold, relaxing island! Of course, you're here to battle to the Champion! The winner of the Cup gets the WHOLE CALIOSTEO PARK! Now go out there, start digging, and battle your way to stardom! Fight on, pards!" He smiled, and Dina shivered.

"Dina? Are you okay?" Todd looked concerned.

"No.. Todd.. That's not a smile.. That's a smirk.. An evil.. Disastrous one." Dina murmured. "And his eyes are purple, not blue.."

Todd shook his head. "Boy, Dina. You sure are crazy after you eat those chocolate bars."

The top patroller of Ribular, Stella, walked up to them. "Hi you two! Welcome to the cup! Here's your Paleopagers, sonars, cases for storage, and choose one of these!" She held out a case of small, metallic, chips.

Dina smiled and picked the one that had a dinosaur pattern on it. Todd picked one with a flaming pattern on it. The chips started transforming into pickaxes.

"The dig site you two can go to is over there!" She pointed to a small pathway, next to another one with a sign that said ~Fossil Cannon, In Installation~

"It's called Treasure Lake! I hope you two have fun!"

"Thank you!" Both of the children yelled as they dashed through the pathway.

As they entered Treasure Lake, they saw a huge crowd of people, and a camera man.

Dina and Todd were curious, so they rushed over to get a good look. There was a reporter, and next to her, a boy, about the same age as Dina. He had snow white hair, dragonish golden eyes, and wore red and white clothes and a cape. Dina and Todd's pupils went small.

"Hello everyone behind that television screen! I'm Linda R. Porter, and I'm standing next to the prodigy, the Prince of FossilDig Inc., THE Rupert Kaseki at the Caliosteo Islands!" Rupert seemed to sigh at that statement.

"So, Rupert, how do you feel about being here?"

"Indifferent, actually. I know I'm going to win, so no need of excitement." Rupert yawned. He seemed like he wasn't stating the truth.

"That's Rupert, of course! So, do you think there will be any tough opponents?"

"Psssh. No. There won't be a challenge." Rupert sighed again, with that seemingly false tone.

"What a great Fossil Fighter! What a dreamy boy for the teenagers! The fangirls may squeal now." Linda R. Porter smiled and paused for the fans.

There was a lot of squealing and squeeing. Dina just sat there, indifferent. "Girly, romanticizing idiots.." Dina whispered to herself.

"As a note to all of the fossil fighters, please do not bother Rupert or try to steal locks of his hair. These orders come from FossilDig Inc."

Linda R. Porter and her cameraman walked out of the Treasure Lake area, and the crowd stood, staring at Rupert for a few moments, until they broke away, listening to the orders. Rupert started scowling. "Pathetic. Simply PATHETIC," he murmured to himself, crossed his arms, and started walking down the slope to the main area.

"Hey Todd, wanna see if we can go battle him? We wouldn't be bothering him, just asking." Dina questioned.

Todd happily nodded, and they ran down the slope. Rupert saw them.

"Ugh, slack jawed yokels. Didn't they liste-" but before he could finish, he stopped and started blushing a little. he whispered to himself, "S-she's pretty.. Darn. She must be a rich kid with those pretty eyes."

Dina grinned. "Hey, Rupert, would you mind to battle? I hope I'm not bothering you."

Rupert blinked silently, then said, "S-surely, you're not bothering me a-any.." He continued to blush. "She's even prettier up close.."

Dina sent out her Aeros. Rupert sent out his Mapo.

"Y-your move.." Rupert kept blushing.

"Okay then. Aeros, use Wind Blast!"

'So YOU'RE the famous Mapo. You look much bigger on the screen. But anyway, take this!' Aeros released a huge gale. Mapo was pushed back a little and damaged a lot.

Rupert shivered. "So she's pretty, smart, and a good fossil fighter. She's perfect.."

"Alright.. Mapo, use Conquer Fang."

Mapo lunged at Aeros and bit her, but it didn't do very much. Aeros flung Mapo into the forest, doing a bit of damage, then she used Wind Blast again. Mapo went back into his dino medal, and Rupert grabbed him. "I hope this isn't the last time I get to see her.."

Todd started cheering. "Dina's the bestest! She's unstoppable!"

Dina blushed in embarrassment. "Aw.. Shuddap Todd. It was just a small battle.."

Todd and Dina pulled out their pickaxes and started looking around, holding out their sonars. Rupert stood there for a minute, staring at Dina.

'You got hots for the girl?' a voice from the Mapo medal bantered.

'Oooh! Somebody's got a CRUSH!' a voice from a Raja Medal teasingly stated.

"YOU TWO BETTER SHUDDAP!- Remember, I'm the only one who can hear you guys-" Dina walked over as Rupert yelled at his vivosaurs. He saw her and gulped.

"You can hear them too? Many people say Vivosaurs don't talk, but.. me and Todd can hear them.."

Rupert blinked. "Someone else who can hear them.."

Dina and Todd finished digging, and went into the Ribular Fighter Station. Stella led them to the Cleaning Room.

"Here, take these for your first cleanings! Don't worry, you get to keep them!" Stella gave them a fossil rock each.

Dina smirked and went to the Cleaning station first. Todd also smirked. "Are you sure you're ready for this, Dina?"

"Are you kidding, Todd? I've always been ready for this." Dina grabbed a Hammer and Drill out of her bag. The timer begun and she started cleaning the fossil.

A minute went by, and the machine started beeping. "Fossil Successfully Cleaned! Score of 100!"

Dina put her hands on her hips so she looked like a superhero. "Yep. Try that one, Todd." She put the fossil in the revival machine, and in a flash, an Edapho was laying there. It yawned.

'hm? What happened again? I was napping.. Who are you? Who are YOU? Where am I?'

Aeros came out of her medal. 'Oh, Edapho! Great to see you again, pal! This is Dina, she's our master.'

Edapho jumped down and sniffed Dina. 'You smell friendly!' Edapho and Aeros went into their dino medals, and Dina put them both into the case.

Todd put his fossil on the Cleaning Station and started cleaning. After a little over a minute, the machine beeped again. "Fossil Successfully Cleaned! Score of 100!"

Dina held to her fist and said, "Awesome! You were much more careful than I was."

Todd finished the fist pump and put his fossil in the revival machine. With a flash, a Goyle was there, sleeping. The Goyle woke up. 'Hm? Oh. Hello!' He licked Todd, then went into his Dino Medal. Todd giggled. "H-hey. Don't lick me again, okay Goyle? Licking tickles!"

The Goyle medal replied, 'I'm sorry! Geez.'

Dina and Todd grabbed their stuff, and started walking out, ready for some more digging. Their Paleopagers went off, saying their opponents. They dug up some fossils, cleaned them, and Dina went into the Arena Room first.

Her opponent sent out Thalasso and Tricera, both put in the two front-middle spots. Dina sent out Aeros, in the front spot, and Edapho, in the top back-middle spot.

Dina thought, "Aeros.. Wind Blast.."

Aeros immediately released the burst of wind at Thalasso, causing a lot of damage. Dina was shocked. Then she thought, "Edapho.. Edapho Fang.."

Edapho launched at Tricera and bit it, then jumped in the air with it. She then threw Tricera down with amazing strength. Tricera returned to its dino medal from the damage.

The opponent called at Thalasso to use Angry Peck. It pecked at Edapho's eyes, Edapho backed up, eyes closed.

Aeros lunged at Thalasso, biting it, then flung it into a wall. Thalasso returned into its dino medal. Aeros and Edapho roared their victory roars, then returned to their dino medals.

After both Todd and Dina finished their battles, they went to the front desk.

Dina asked, "Excuse me, do you know our room number?"

The Clerk checked her computer, then declared, "006."

"Thank you!" Dina and Todd replied in unison, then bowed as a sign of thanks.

"No problem! I'm here if you need help."

They rushed up to their room, bathed, and tucked themselves in.

"Night Dina! I hope we have great luck with finding vivosaurs tomorrow!"

"G'night Todd." Dina turned the lights off as the moon shined bright in their window.

Chapter 2Edit

The sun started peeping over the horizon as Todd opened his eyes. He let out a huge yawn and stretched, but as quietly as he could do it, since Dina was not an early bird or a happy waker. She always woke up in monstrous, nasty moods. Todd creeped out of his bed and entered the the kitchen room, grabbed out of the fridge a jar of jelly and out of the breadbox some bread, and made toast. He smothered the toast with huge globs of jelly, then happily crunched on his prize. Then Todd snatched his dino medal holder, and walked out of the suite, locking the door. He wanted some more vivosaurs as fast as possible.

Todd walked on to Treasure Lake, pulling out his pickaxe. Everyone was still asleep, the island only lit from the sun's dim, morning rays. As he walked down the slope to the main area, he saw someone. The other person's goggles shined as he turned to look at Todd.

"Hey, kid. Who are you?"

Todd gulped a bit, and nervously answered, "M-My name is Todd.. Todd Tokage.."

"Todd Tokage.. I've heard that name before.. Oh well. I'm Dino. Nice to meet ya!" The boy dashed up to Todd, and he was much more visible now. He had blue, spiky hair, brown eyes like Dina's, and was about Rupert's height excluding his hair. His goggles were a fiery red, a bit of a contrast to Dina's ocean blue goggles.

Todd backed up a bit. "N-No way! You mean the Dino Karuido? Your father killed Guhnash and helped the Dinaurians! And you're an awesome fighter too!"

Dino smiled. "Yep! That's me! Did you come to the cup alone, or did you come with someone else?"

"Oh, I came with someone else. Her name is Dina!-" But Todd was cut off by Dino before he could finish.

"Is that her right there?" Dino pointed to a really, really furious looking Dina, red eyes, and seemingly ready to slaughter someone.

Todd started backing up. "Wait.. why.. Uh oh.. I must have forgot to change the alarm! Run, she wakes up in really nasty moods!"

Dina trudged up to Todd, punched him in the arm, then shook her head. Her eyes were normal, but the dark circles showed she was exhausted. "Hey.. Who's that.. Todd..? I'm too tired to see, and it's REALLY dark out here.."

Dino snickered a bit at Todd, who fell into the water after the impact. "I'm Dino Karuido! You probably heard of me."

Dina blinked. "Dino Karuido? Really? You're not kidding? Well, I'm sorry I'm so.. nasty in the morning. I didn't hurt you, right?"

"Nope. Is Todd here hurt?"

Todd got up, his hair drenched. He picked up his hat, which dropped off when he stumbled into the lake. It was still dry. His hair looked a bit like Rupert's. "Nope, just all wet." He shook his head quickly, and his hair fluffed back up. "There. Now, Dina, you should go back to sleep.. Dino, wanna dig up some fossils with me?"

Dina nodded and strolled back to the Fighter Station. Dino pulled out his pickaxe, golden and silver, and swung it down. "Hey, Todd, would you happen to be the Prince of Courinway? I think his name is Todd too."

Todd stared for a moment. "Yeah. That's me.."

Dino jumped, then tilted his head. "Then why are you wearing THAT stuff? And where's your crown?"

"Well, I'm undercover, and anyway, no one would care. I'm a complete wimp. My crown.. here.." He pulled it out of one of his pockets. "I usually have it under my hat, but I was in a rush today.. Dina might be a deep sleeper, but if she happens to get up.." He shivered.

"Ah, I see. And I don't think you're a wimp."

"Say THAT to almost everyone I know."

Dino glared at Todd for a bit, then kept swinging his pickaxe. Todd sighed and looked at the rising sun.

"Would you look at that. A top tier fighter and a shaky rookie fighter are teaming up. Who would've thought?" a voice muttered behind them. The two boys turned around, and Rupert was leaning against a huge rock, polishing his Mapo medal. "I can't believe that kid's a prince. I couldn't guess at first sight."

"Rupert, what are you doing here? How long have you been here?" Dino inquired. He had a feeling of suspicion.

"I came a little before you did, Dino. And I was bored. I made all the robots my father requested, so I thought the pond would be a pretty sight at sunrise."

".. Alright, I believe you. Want to come dig up some vivosaurs?"

"No thank you. My vivosaurs are strong enough on their own." Rupert pulled out something from his pocket, and his expression seemed more depressed as he gazed at it.

Todd and Dino peered over Rupert's shoulder. "What're you looking at, Rupert?" Todd asked excitedly.

It was a picture frame.

"Hey, it's a picture frame! Who're those people, Rupert?" Dino said curiously.

Rupert stayed silent. In the picture were four people. A woman, probably in her 30s, stood to the left, and under her, a teenage girl. Rupert's father, the FossilDig CEO stood on the right, and under him, a smiling young boy. It was Rupert.

Rupert pointed to each one. "That's my mother, my older sister, my father, and.. me."

Todd was curious too. "You seem sad about something, what's wrong? And I don't think I've ever seen your mother or sister on television.."

"That's because my mother died when I was three. This picture was taken a month before she died. My sister was kicked out when I was five for a reason I don't know."

Dino and Todd's expressions saddened. Todd added, "Oh, Rupert! You're smiling! I've never seen you smile so happily before! It's usually a smug smirk or a fake one to please crowds, right?"

Rupert got up quickly and put the picture away. "I forgot how to smile, and I have no interest in relearning how to. For your information, nothing can make me happy, and nothing ever will." He fast-walked away, back to the main square. Todd and Dino looked at each other in confusion.

"Well, someone's not in a happy mood today, huh?" Todd sighed.

Dino yawned. "Now, I have a new goal. To find what'll make Rupert Kaseki happy again." Dino swung his pickaxe. "I don't blame him for being upset though. Losing his mother and getting his sister kicked out so soon after that.. I'd be pretty depressed too."

Todd pondered for a minute. "Hey, did you see that Rupert, his sister, and his mom all had and have yellow eyes? And.. WAIT! All three of them had tails!"

"Maybe it was a costume, pal."

"But his father didn't have a tail. Also, yellow eyes!? Who has yellow eyes? It's weird.."

Dino sighed. "Meh. Whatever. First, we have to find something that could cheer Rupert up. But anyway, we'll hold that for another time." He picked up a fossil and stuffed it into his bag. "You know, that Dina girl is.. Pretty cute."

Todd laughed. "Cute? Really, if Dina heard that, she'd be pretty mad! She's a hardcore tomboy, you know."

"But that's why I like her! She's cute and boyish." Dino smiled, and took another swing at the ground again. "And I'm not in love or anything."

The sun was much higher in the sky now. The boys' Paleopagers went off. The Pager read "A new dig site is now open! Jungle Labyrinth is ready for Fossil Fighters!"

"I'll go a little later. You?" Dino turned to Todd.

Todd stretched. "Eh. I'll go when Dina comes and asks me to go."

"Wait, how are you two so close anyway? Awwww.. don't tell me.."

"No, it's not like that! We're half-siblings!" Todd snickered.

Dino nodded. "Oh, okay. Huh. You two aren't that alike, but whatever you say."

A little later, in the afternoon, Dina woke up in a much calmer state. She yawned and jumped out of her bed, grabbing her dino medal holder. She got dressed and zoomed out of the Fighter Station after reading the notification on her Paleopager. Once she passed through the pathway to Jungle Labyrinth, she tripped on what she thought was a huge rock.

"Ow! Hey.. what was that..?"

"Oog.. I'm in a real pickle.." An older man, only slightly taller than Dina, rolled over. "I seem to have forgot my lunch, and now I'm extremely hungry.. If I had the taste of a lovely Melon Spud in my mouth.. It would perk me up in a jiffy! But alas.. wot wot.. I do not have it.. It should be buried around here somewhere.."

Dina started searching around with her sonar until it showed a weird symbol and an odd beep was heard. She dug in the spot and pulled out a weird, potato-like object. She showed it to the man. "Is this it, sir?"

The man grabbed it. "Yes, quite! This happens to be the melon spud!" He bounced up and ate it. "Thank you, Old Bean! I must repay you by inviting you for a spot of tea sometime. Oh, forgive me for not introducing myself! I am Professor Nigel Scatterly! I am the curator of the Caliosteo Museum. It is on Cranial Island!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor! My name is Dina. I'm trying to become the champion fossil fighter!

"The pleasure is all mine, Old Bean! Now why was I here.. Oh yes! To look for the slablet! Could you help me find it?"

Dina nodded. "Of course! How do I find one?" She had her sonar and pickaxe ready for the search.

Professor Scatterly grabbed Dina's sonar gently. "Here, Old Bean! I'll put a little upgrade in your sonar to help you find it, wot wot." He attached a small chip-like device to the side, and the sonar started showing the weird symbol again. Dina took her sonar back and swung her pickaxe. She picked up a weird slate with writing and cave pictures on it, then handed it to Professor Scatterly.

"This is it! My, you've done it, Old Bean! Thank you! Here, it's about a tyrant named ZongaZonga, go on, read it!"

Dina read it and her fists clenched. "Wow, what an evil witch doctor. I'm happy he's most likely dead."

"I agree, Old Bean. I'm going to head back to Cranial Island, wot wot. I hope we meet again!" Professor Scatterly walked back to the main square.

"He's so awesome.. Hey.. I feel like I forgot something.." Dina wondered for a minute, then leaped. "ACK! I forgot Todd!" She dashed to Treasure Lake, and saw Todd snoozing on a rock, Dino still swinging his pickaxe. She laughed, and poked Todd. "Wake up, Todd! C'mon sleepyhead, wake up."

Dino was watching from afar. He blushed a little, looked away, and muttered to himself, "She's even cuter when she's not a monster or tired.. BUT I'M NOT IN LOVE. NO! NO!! NOOO!!"

Todd reluctantly opened his eyes and yawned. "hmm.. Oh, hi Dina! I got a little sleepy.. so.. yeah.."

"It's fine, Todd! Here, let's go to Jungle Labyrinth! Maybe we'll see some cool animals."

The two ventured off to the new dig-site, when two men rushed out. "AHHH! THERE'S A HUGE MONSTER!!!" After them, a man ran out of the forest. He had a weird, Elvis-like hair cut, and 50s clothes. "You two kiddies better run, uh-huh. There's a huuggee monster in there."

Dina's eyes lit up, and she made a huge smile. "OOOHHH! MONSTER! ME LIEKY! MUST FIND! C'MON TODD!"

Todd gulped, then quickly grabbed his stomach. "ooogg.. My tummy.. Ow.. I really shouldn't have had all that jelly on my toast.. ack.. G-go on ahead.."

"COME ON. You're fine, stupid. You could eat jars and jars of jelly." Dina facepalmed. Todd trudged over, and sat under a tree. Dina sighed and entered the jungle. She decided to dig up a few fossils before going deeper, so she swung her pickaxe. Todd walked up.

"Ahh. I just needed a little rest. Oookay! Let's go in!"

The duo got a little deeper, when suddenly, a bush started rustling. Both turned to the shrubbery, and a girl with pink hair and a scary mask popped out.

"IT'S THE MONSTER! RUN FOR YOUR LLIFFEE!" Todd screamed and scrambled away. The girl started steaming.


Dina sighed. "Ignore him, he's a bit of a.. scaredy-cat. My name's Dina."

"Oh, alright. Hmph. I'm wayyy prettier then you. But I don't care. Hey, I'm gonna go find that monster! Wanna be my sidekick?"

"Sure, why not." Dina yawned.

The two girls traveled deeper into the labyrinth, until they got to the deepest part they could see. A huge roar emerged from the bushes, and a robotic monster wheeled out. Both girls stood there with blank expressions.

"Grown men were scared of THAT? It's just a dumb ol' robot-" But Dina didn't get to finish her rant, since the robot exploded. "Well, problem solved, I guess."

Two shady males walked over to the robot. "Aw no! It busted. And we didn't get to snatch up all the fossils!"

Dina growled. Pauleen started steaming again. "So, trying to nab all the fossils. Well, not on my watch. I'm a teenage super idol, and a superhero to all girls! Go, Amargo and Berto!"

An Amargo and Berto emerged from the medals. Dina sent out her Aeros and her Edapho. The opponents sent out their vivosaurs, but the battle ended fast, Dina and Pauleen defeating them. Security staff zoomed up with Stella, and the two crooks were disqualified.

"I thank you two for helping us catch these criminals. Here, some experience for your ranks." Stella grabbed their pagers and added the points. Her and her staff left. Dina held her hand out for a high five, but Pauleen slapped it down.

"Hmph. It was all MY work." she strolled out of the area, Dina glaring. Todd dashed up.

"You did AWESOME, Dina! And don't worry." Todd lowered his voice to a whisper. "I bet she's a real woofer under that mask!"

Dina laughed. "Y-Yeah.. Maybe."

The two started off to the fighter stations as their pagers went off. Dina held hers out. "Dina's opponent for Round 2 is Rockin' Billy!" Dina nodded. "I think that's the guy from earlier. I'm going to clean this fossil first." She started off to the Cleaning Room, but Todd stayed behind.

"Why does she get to be such an awesome hero? It's not fair." He muttered to himself, and slumped onto the couch. "After this battle, I'm gonna pick up my game. Everyone will clap for me. Even her, Rupert, Dino, and that Pauleen girl. EVERYONE."

Dina entered the battle room with pride, and she saw Rockin' Billy there. He was scowling.

"How come you had to ruin it, chick?"

"Hey.. What are you.. Oh wait.. You were behind that too, weren't you?" Dina assumed a position of a superhero, about to defeat his opponent.

"You got it right, uh-huh. I was their boss. And you stopped us from getting super rare fossils, you did! Get ready to fall, chickie."

The two entered the arena, Dina running as fast as she could to her spot. "Go, Aeros, Edapho, Nycto! Kick his vivosaurs' butt! No crook's beating us!" 

Aeros, Edapho, and Nycto emerged from their medals, and assumed the Cambrian position, Aeros in the AZ. Rockin' Billy's vivosaurs, Parapu, Nigo, and Raja, assumed the Jurassic position, Parapu in the back. The battle begun.

Dina thought to herself. "Aeros, Edapho, Nytco, change to Edapho's lead."

Edapho was moved to the front.

"Edapho.. Edapho Fang on Parapu." Edapho lunged at Parapu, biting it, then throwing it into a wall.

"Switch to Aeros's lead." Aeros was moved to the front. "Aeros.. Aeros Alert that Raja." Aeros bit Raja, then smashed it with her tail. Raja was pushed back a lot.

Parapu smacked Edapho with one of it's tentacles, Edapho backed up.

Dina thought for a minute. "Long-Range..? hmmm.. Ah! Switch to Nycto's following." Nycto was moved to the back, Edapho and Aeros both in the front. "Nycto, Beak Strike."

Nycto zoomed at Parapu, smashing into it with her sharp beak. Parapu returned to it's dino medal.

"Nice, Nycto! Okay, Aeros, Wind Blast on Raja!" Aeros released the gale storm on Raja, and it also returned to its dino medal.

Nigo was moved to the back. It was still asleep, oddly.

Nycto flew over and smashed against it. Edapho was moved to the front, and it curled up. She started spinning, then cut Nigo. It woke up, and it stomped on the ground, sending a pulse at Nycto. Nycto fell to the ground, put hovered back up again.

"Nytco, finish him off with a Wing Whirlwind..!" Nycto jet around in circles, the released a blast of wind, and Nigo returned to his Dino Medal. Dina's vivosaurs roared in victory. Dina jumped up and cheered. "Yeah! Yeahhh! Take THAT, ya crook!"

When Stella came to congratulate Dina, Dina explained to Stella the situation. Stella called over her staff, and Rockin' Billy was disqualified from the cup. "Thanks, Dina. You helped out a lot! Take this.." She gave Dina a fossil rock.

"Thanks Stella!"

Meanwhile, Todd was still really angry. Little did he know, someone was watching him.

"So, that's his problem. Jealousy.. huh. You wouldn't think THAT from meeting him. Well, now I have a new goal."

Rupert watched Dina secretly as she came out of the Arena room. "What's WRONG with me.. I can't keep my eyes off of-"

"Hi, Rupert! Whatcha doin? Hugging the wall?" Dina laughed. "Say, I was wondering if you wanted this.. You lost it." She held out Rupert's photo. He snatched it quickly and stuffed it in his pocket.

"I-I'm sorry to grab it like that.." Rupert muttered, blushing.

Dina blinked. "It's fine! That's your mom, right? I know you probably miss her.."

Rupert started walking away. "O-oh.. yeah.. I-I have some.. Robots.. to build.." He dashed to his suite. "How did she.. She saw right through me.. And.. She kinda.. cared about me.."

Dina tilted her head as Todd stood up. "Hey, Dina! Cheer me on, it's my battle!"

"Good luck, Todd!" Dina smiled.

Later, Todd exited smiling. "It feels so awesome to win, huh Dina?"

Dina shuddered. "Well, it kinda feels nice.. But the fun is in the battle! The adrenaline pumps and it makes me sooo excited!" Todd nodded in agreement. Rupert treaded over.

"You two think fossil battles are fun? They aren't fun."

"Well, why aren't they, Rupert? Of course they're fun! How could you not have fun?" Todd inquired.

Rupert stuck his nose up into the air. "Well, it's just battling. Nothing interesting. Just the same thing over and over again. Right, Dina?"

"No way, Rupert! Every battle is different! It's really joyful!"

Rupert yawned and starting walking to his suite. "She may have a point.. But they just aren't happy for me." he muttered to himself.

"That stuck-up, filthy, rich kid! I swear, he'll learn that the world isn't a trash dump!" Dina ranted. Rupert froze, then scrambled to his room, almost tripping many times.

He slumped onto his bed, laying down. "Stuck up.. Filthy.. She thinks I'm like that..? Ack.. I'm so terrible.. But it's not my fault battles aren't fun.. It's my stupid father's..!"

Dina and Todd's Paleopagers started rumbling, and both pulled them out. They read "Cranial Island is now accessible! Also, Mt. Krakanak, a volcano, is the open dig-site there!"

Todd dashed to the helipad. "Yay! I'm gonna get there first!"

Dina chased after him. "No you're not! I'll be the first!" She bounced ahead, into the helicopter, Todd following in after her. They both sat down. Aeros's medal shook around a bit. 'Hey Dina, don't you think you should'a brought Dino or Rupert?'

"Whhhyyy are you suggesting that again..?"

'Easy, they have a HUUGGEE crush on you, and you know it!' Aeros teased. Todd laughed.

"Yeah Dina, they both think you're cute and pretty and kind. They also like your boyish qualitie-"

"But they're both famous. Why would they like me? I'm pretty ordinary." Dina sighed.

Dino started steaming and peeped over the seat. "I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HER!"

A Dimetro medal started shaking in Dino's pocket. 'Yeah you do, Loverboy! You tell me how cute she is a lot and how you think that Rupert kid is a perverted, rich boy creep with how he acts around her-"

Dino took out his Dimetro medal and glared at it. Dina started cracking up. "Dino, he's probably joking. And you can hear vivosaurs too?"

Dino looked up, shocked. "Y-Yeah! You can hear them like Todd?"

"I'm not a perverted creep, Dino. You are." Dino turned to where the voice was coming from, and Rupert was leaning against the seat. His Mapo medal spoke. 'Both of you are! You two are sooo in love with that Dina chick, and personally, her Aeros has nice feathers.'

'Thanks.. I guess.' Aeros shook a bit, letting out a disturbed aura.

The Dimetro medal bounced up. 'Heh. Edapho's sail is pretty slick and shhhiiinny!'

Edapho shook. 'Thanks.'

Dina smiled uncertaintly. "Well this just got awkward.."

"Yyyyeah." Todd also did the uncertain smile.

The helicopter landed, and Dino leaped out, dashing to Mt. Krakanak. Todd zoomed after him. Rupert started off to the Fighter Station, and Dina took a stop to the Fossil Guild. No one realized what had happened to Dina's eyes.

As Dina walked in, she saw tons of shops. She walked up to the main store desk. "Hi! I wanted to sell some stuff, if you don't mind, m'am."

The clerk turned around. "Oh, hello! Surely! Show me what you're willing to sell."

Dina pulled out small rainbow colored gems and a quad diamond.

"hmm.. 15000 gold for the quad.. and -" the clerks face turned pale. "S-summoner's tears..? There's five of them, so 45000 for those..! Wow.. How did you get these?"

"I have my reasons." Dina shuddered. She grabbed the gold and pushed the gems towards the clerk. "Thanks!"

Dina strolled out of the Guild and entered Mount Krakanak. Little did she realize, her eyes had turned bright green when the helicopter landed. Dino and Todd were swinging at the ground, and Dino noticed Dina approaching. "Hey Din- DINA! YOUR EYES!"

Dina froze in place, realizing what happened. "Are they.. green?"

Todd stared, nodding slowly and fearful looking. Dina scrambled away, to the Fighter Station. She couldn't risk anyone else seeing her eyes..

Chapter 3Edit

Todd and Dino became so concentrated on digging that they missed Rupert walk by with a robot. When the two decided to move on for more, Dino bumped into Rupert as he was heading for the town.

"Oof! Hey, watch where you're going, Rich Boy!"

Todd looked at both of them with concern. "A-Are you guys okay..? I-I'll-"

"Stop your high-pitched squealing, carefree scoundrel. It's quite annoying." Rupert shuddered.

Dino steamed. "Hey, lay off my friend, pal!"

"Ah, whatever. I have no need to bother with such lowlifes."

Todd stared at a purple robot that was floating next to Rupert. It looked like a KL-33N, but it had huge, blue, metallic hands. "What's that, Rupert?"

"Oh, this?" Rupert shivered a bit. "This is Di66-R. I came out here to give the darn thing a field test. It's an automated excavation robot, it was recently developed by FossilDig Inc."

The Robot floated closer to Todd and Dino. "Good day, sir or madam. I am Di66-R, I'm ready to dig."

"It has a built-in sonar for automatic searching and excavation. It's very important for the company, which is why my.. father asked me to give it a spin. I-it seems.. like it would sell limitlessly. When customers see it's potential-"

Di66-R started releasing fuel gas. "Di66-R will b-b-be releas-s-s-sed! W-w-welcome sir! Go, madam! I am.. I am-m-m-m-m.."

Rupert looked over. "What's wrong, you stupid robot? You need more fuel?"

"PLEASE INSERT TOKEN! YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US! I AM ERROR!" Di66-R started blurting, then he broke down."

"Oh, what NOW?" Rupert hissed and stepped closer to the machine.

"404 PAGE NOT FOUND! BAD COMMAND OR FILE NAME! ABORT RETRY FAIL!" Di66-R punched Rupert in the face, then punched him in the stomach down to the ground, grabbed into his pocket, and floated off.

Rupert was dizzy on the ground. When he finally came to, he shook his head. "No. .. No! No, no, no, no, no! That idiot robot ran off with my new Dino Medals! AND it's programmed with an automatic Fossil Battle battle system too! I must stop it!" He tried to get up, but fell down again. "Ungh!"

Todd dashed over to Rupert and kneeled down. "Don't! You took a huge blow, just stay down a bit.. I'll protect you from the fangirls, no worries."

"B-but Di66-R's going to cause chaos! The company's reputation.. if it's stained.. I'll be.. ugh! I have to.. I must..GNNHH!"

"I-I'll stay here and make sure that Rupert doesn't hurt himself more. But please, Dino, get that robot!"

Dina walked up with a blindfold on her face. She seemed like she could see through it, though. "Giant, rabid robot to chase down!? I'm after it!" She started after Di66-R.


"I'll save her!" Dino chased after Dina. They climbed up until they got a peek at Di66-R. Dina stepped closer, and Dino screamed. "NO DINA, STAY AWAY FROM THAT THING! YOU'RE TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE- Wait, what did I just say..?"

Dina glared at Dino. "I'll be fine, that machine looks weaker than TODD. TOOODDDDD. That's saying something." She stepped closer, but Di66-R smashed her in the face, then threw her onto the ground. "ACK!"

"Green alert! Fighter located-ed-ed! Battle system has been inininitaiated..!"


"I'm fine, stupid." Dina shivered as she got up, then Di66-R released the dino medals. A Tophis, Brachio, and Krypto were released. Dina sent out her Aeros, Edapho, and Nycto. "Nycto, Beak Strike!"

As the battle raged on, both sides were knocked down to one vivosaur. Aeros and Brachio. "Aeros, Aeros Alert!" Aeros bit Brachio, then smashed into it with her tail. Brachio returned to his Dino medal. 'Ahahah! That long neck never scared me. Ever.' Dina jumped for joy.

Dino shrugged and murmured to himself. "Aw.. why is she such a tomboy..? If she got captured, I could've saved her and got my first kiss- WAIT NO NO NO! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEEEEEEEEE!?"

"SYSTEM FAILURE DETECTED! A WINNER IS YOU! REBOOT! REBOOT! REBOOT! … System restored. Reboot completed. Full function is restored." Dina pet Di66-R.

"Sorry, robobuddy." she sighed.

Todd zoomed up to both of them. "YEAAHHH! HEY DINO, DID YOU SAVE DINA AND STUFF!?" when he saw Dina petting Di66-R, unhurt other than the red marking on her face where she got punched, he realized what happened. "Woo! Nice job Dina!" Rupert was trailing behind.

"Y-you.. won? You stopped it..? Er.. You could've gotten hurt.. WAIT I MEAN.. You shouldn't have taken matters into your own hands! I'm sure I could've stopped it myself. hmm.. But you did save me- I mean.. my father's company.. So when the machine is done.. I guess you could have the first one.."

Dina shook her head. Rupert sighed. "Oh, please. You don't have to hesitate. You won't have to worry, the thing won't hurt you again. I promise. D-don't you want one..?" When Dina shook her head happily, he backed up a bit. "B-but why..? You saved my life- er.. the company..!"

"You know, for a prodigy, you lack smarts in the fun department." Dina snickered.

Todd laughed too. "Y-yeah! With a robot, digging and battling won't be fun anymore! We wanna have the fun for ourselves!"

"Fun.." Rupert echoed sofly. He turned around. "Come, Di66-R. W-We must be off.." He treaded away.

Todd yawned. "Whew..! I'm super sleepy, so I'm gonna go take a nap in our new room!" Todd zoomed off.

"It IS getting close to dinner. I kinda want a nap too." Dina gazed at the sky and walked away, Dino doing the same.

"Yeah! I'm reaalllyy hungry!"

"Oh, Dino, don't tell me.. You're a pig too, huh?"

Dino tilted his head. "Dina, you don't look like you eat a lot."

"Oh, I don't." Dina snickered. "But you and Todd will probably eat everything before everyone starts munching."

"He doesn't look like a pig either."

"Believe me, he is."

Rupert was shaking as he walked to the Fighter Station. He didn't want to tell them what was bothering him so much. It was a memory.

He was a young boy at the time. His father towered over him.

"You're old enough to start helping the company, son. Now, we need a few changes.. First, you may call me dad or father, but act as if I am your boss, you understand?"

Rupert's much younger, cuter eyes saddened. "Y-yes.. father.. I do.."

"That was one of the changes. Another will not be controlled by you. No one will be allowed to come too close to you. The last is your consequences. If you at all ruin the company's reputation, there will be severe penalties. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes father.. I-I do.." Rupert tilted his head down, tears silently flowing down his cheeks.

"And no crying."

Rupert turned away. "I understand."

His father approached Rupert and hugged him tight. "Rupert, believe me, this is for your own good. You wouldn't understand WHY I'm doing this, but you will when you grow older." he released his son, who scrambled into his room, white tail flicking behind him.

In his room, Rupert shivered. He saw his favorite toy, his train, moving on the tracks. He walked up to it, glaring. Then he kicked it hard. It flew off the tracks, and landed on the floor next to them. After a few minutes, it turned off. Rupert jumped onto his bed and silently cried, so his father couldn't hear his agony.

The sun was setting on the horizon, retiring for the night. Dino and Dina were sitting at the table, waiting for Todd. A few minutes passed, and Todd jumped into his chair. "Hiya, guys! What's on the menu?"

Dina smiled. "A LOT of stuff.. I can't believe Joe has a huge mall in his tower! Nice idea.." She looked around the restaurant.

A waiter delivered their meals, and they started stuffing their faces.

"Dina, you said you didn't eat a lot!" Dino pointed out, chewing.

"I haven't eaten a lot the past few days. Give me a break."

Todd started laughing. The three went to the front desk to get their room numbers. Dina stared at hers with a look of suspicion.

"Room number.. 160? Isn't that a private.. suite..? I think there's been a mistake.."

The clerk giggled. "Someone requested you to stay in one of the private suites. Just as a warning.. There's a boy in there..!"

Dino sighed. "I wish that guy was me." Todd smirked at Dino.

Dina looked uncertain, but she went up to the suite, and set up her luggage. She heard shower water for awhile. The door creaked open, and Dina turned her head to the noise's source. Rupert was standing in the doorway, clothed already, drying his hair. Both blinked in shock. But one of them blushed as he did so.

"What are you.." Rupert started, then remembered that earlier that day, his father texted him a message about 'a special roommate for increasing Rupert's already perfect Fossil Battling skills.'. Rupert scowled at the thought. "That IDIOT."

Dina stayed silent, keeping a vigil on Rupert. Then she finally spoke. "Whyyy are you here again.. or better.. Why am I here? Why would you request me..?"

"I-It wasn't me.. it was my stupid father. I guess the troll saw your battling skills and was slightly impressed."

Dina was glaring.

Rupert gulped.

Dina kept glaring.

Rupert started shaking.

Dina's tone relaxed. "Why me..?" Dina shuddered. "Are you a morning person, or.. what? I don't want to murder you if you wake me up."

Rupert shifted. "I'm an insomniac. So, no, I'm not an early bird.." Dina sighed in relief.

Mapo's medal wiggled. 'I know why you're uncomfortable, sir.' Rupert pulled the dino medal out.

"What's making me uncomfortable, then, Mapo?"

'The fact that you have to share a room with the little lady over there and the fact you have a c-'


"Uh, Dina.. You ARE a lady.. not a gentleman.." Rupert spurt out a bit before the impact.

Dina rubbed her fist after her swing. Rupert was rubbing his forehead. "What was that for- and girls don't fight, Dina.. Boys do.."

"Well I fight, and I happily do so like a BOY. Now, if I hit you, you hit me back, Mr. Puffy Pants."

"No hurting girls, Dina. You know that law."

Dina started steaming. "Boys can hit girls. You guys are just to arrogant and self-centered to try. Especially boys like you. Now come on, take a good ol' swing at me!" Dina made a smug grin.

Rupert rose up, then punched Dina in the stomach. Dina only recoiled a bit, but her devious smile turned into a cheerful one. "Nice shot!"


"I'm sorry for punching you before. I was just a bit furious.. And pushing my self-hatred on you.."

Rupert blinked again. "Self-hatred..? But how could YOU have it?"

"Years of being pushed around for everything I do and look like."

"Anyone who says nasty things to you should be shamed." Rupert crossed his arms.

Dina laughed a bit. "Naw." She took out her Aeros. "Hey, Aeros! Wanna try going into that portable form that I heard of?"

Aeros's medal glowed, and Aeros was released, but she was the height of a cocker spaniel. Rupert let his Mapo do the same.

'Ah. I like this form.' Aeros yawned.

Rupert dropped onto his knees and started petting Mapo. "Hey.."

Mapo coughed. 'Now that I can finish.. I know how much of a crush you have on Dina, sir. Admit it. You're jealous that Dino can approach Dina so easily without being insulted. And you wish you could have fun battling with the little.. er.. female gentleman.'

Dina began rolling on the floor laughing. Rupert gazed at her, confused. Dina choked out the best she could in her uncontrollable laughter. "AHAHAHAHHAHAHHHA!! Th-That's the.. PFF.. Funniest joke I've ever.. HHAHAHHA.. HEARD! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA!"

Rupert sweat a bit. "J-joke..?"

Dina's outburst started neutralizing a bit. "Haha! Oh.. heh! I mean, why would the famous Rupert be into someone like me?"

Rupert started backing away. Dina tilted her head. "Wh-what's wrong..?"

"Y-your.. blindfold.. and.. y-your e-e-eyes!!" Rupert squealed and he blushed.

Dina felt for her blindfold. It fell off. She covered her eyes with her hands. "O-oh.. crap.." She dived to the corner of the room and curled up into a protective ball. Rupert edged closer, and began rubbing her back.

"Lift your head up.." Rupert gently requested. Dina shook her head. "Please? I was just a bit stunned.. That's all.." Dina looked up at Rupert, grassy green eyes shining in the light. "You know, you're eyes are pretty in that color.. Do you have Chromo eyes?"

Dina nodded slowly. Rupert moved closer, both Vivosaurs' smirks becoming more devious by the inch. "I never saw anyone with Chromo eyes.. But like I said, they look beautiful on you.."

".. Thanks.. .. I never saw anyone who didn't flee squeaking or start teasing me.. because my eyes.." Dina yawned a bit, then fell into a slumber. Rupert picked her up softly, as to not disturb her, and laid her down on her bed. He tucked her in, then crawled into his bed to get some sleep.

Dina felt shaking beside her. She opened an eye, and saw yellow eyes staring at her. She yelped and grabbed her cleaning hammer. "MONSTER KILL ALLLEEERRRTTTTT!"


"Oh.. sorry Rupert.. Don't get so close to my face like that. Your eyes make you look like a monster if it's dark." Dina yawned.

Rupert grabbed a flashlight. "I heard the MammothVision was stolen. We should go see if we can spot it."

The clock read 4:06 AM. Dina blinked. "Rupert, I woke up at 2 and changed, and went to sleep an hour ago. And how could they steal it? It's HUGE."

Rupert shrugged. "Everyone was sleeping when it happened. And oh well, you can nap later." Rupert turned on Di66-R.

"Good morning, Sir or Madam! Di66-R reporting for duty!"

Dina crawled out of her bed and was wearing dragon pajama onesies. It had a hood with dragon horns and a plush dragon tail. Rupert blushed faintly and murmured to himself. "Why does she have to look so damn cute? It's not even funny.."

"Dude, stop staring. I like dragons, and these are really comfortable."

"Sorry." Rupert sighed. The two went outside to investigate, and saw a crowd of people.

A boy pointed and declared, "There's the MammothVision!"

The huge, floating screen hovered over, then a man with a skull for a face wearing a black and white cloak flashed on it. "Bwahahahaha! I'm Don Boneyard. The one and only leader of the BareBones Brigade! Your island shall be no more! And forget digging at the Volcano.. For I have blocked the path! Bwhahahahhahhahaha! Hahah-" then the screen flashed off.

Todd dashed over to Dina, and Rupert was nowhere to be seen. "Dina Dina Dina! What are we gonna DO!?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna go get to the rock." Dina smiled.



"U-urk.. Ooooooogh! Why did I try that discount cart sushi.. Darn-"


"Yes..?" Todd replied with a sick tone.

"I'm holding the money for the trip. And you never came to me for anything."

Todd gulped. "I-I stole it from y-you.."

Dina rolled her eyes as a giant of a man walked up the Mt. Krakanak path. The crowd swarmed him.

"I tried to move rock. No good. If anyone has.. axpick, it may move."

Dina ran past the man and stopped in front of the rock. "Just gotta.. break the damn.. thing.." she started swinging her pickaxe at it. Todd walked up and started swinging his pickaxe at it too.

"By the time you two are finished, we'll all be old and wrinkled."

The two turned and standing there was Rupert and his Di66-R. "Step aside." Dina and Todd backed away from the rock. Di66-R started crushing it with it's huge hands, but after a little while, it started slowing down. "Battery is on.. lowowowooowwwww..".

"Ugh.. It's running out of power! And we were sooo close too.." Rupert moaned.

"I got this." Dina stated and started swinging her pickaxe at the rock. Di66-R turned to her.

"Does sir or madam wish.. to aid Di66-R?"

Dina nodded. Di66-R spun around. "No one has ever assisted Di66-R before.. Is kindness the root to human smiles?"

"Yep." Dina nodded again.

Di66-R started working at full speed. Rupert frowned a little. "That robot.. He runs on kindness? No wonder.. he had problems with me.."

Todd was jumping up and down in a cheerful manner. "Yeaaaaaahh! Go Di66-R and Dina! You two are the destructive team of awesomeness!". Then Todd grabbed his pickaxe and joined in. Soon enough, the boulder was reduced to tiny fragments.

"Ah. Good job, Di66-R. You've made me very proud." Rupert smugly declared. "And thank you, Dina. Come, Di66-R, we'll be going to stop those criminals." Rupert and his robot dashed through the path.

Todd gulped and shivered. "Y-You're not.. going.. after him.. r-riggghhtt?"

"Of course I am!"

".. Oooooooogh.. why did I eat that mayonnaise..? It was left out in the sun too.." Todd spurted out in a sickly tone.

Dina crossed her arms and started after Rupert. She saw Di66-R on the path. "Sir or madam has decided to go up further to search. Di66-R is patrolling this area."

She kept climbing until she met up with Rupert. Rupert shivered. "I have a sense of sinister air.. Are you prepared, Dina?" Dina nodded silently for a reply.

The duo continued forward and two men dressed in black and white suits with sunglasses to hide their eyes were standing there.

The two grunts were happily chatting. Rupert took the first stand. "So, you rogues sent that boulder down? Well, we destroyed it."

"WHHHHHAAAAATTTT!? You destroyed our beautiful boulder!? How dare you, ya little crooks! Let's get em', Scottie!"

"We'll beat you so hard, kiddies, your mother won't recognize you!"

Dina and Rupert sent out their vivosaurs, and the opponents sent out skeleton vivosaurs, the Boneysaurs. The battle raged on. Dina and Rupert emerged victorious.

"HA! Suckas can't take the blast. THE WIND BLAST!" Dina jeered and stuck her tongue out at the goons, who dashed away.

Todd bounced up. "Woah.. What happened..? Did the.. BareBones.. Brigade..?"

"Oh, no worries, Todd. They ran home to mummy now." Rupert reassured him. Dina started laughing uncontrollably, and Todd did the same. "What are you two laughing at..?"


Rupert was silent, but then spoke after his hesitance. "Anyways, thanks for your.. assistance, Dina. I don't think I could've defeated them without your help."

"No problem, Rupert!" Dina winked. Rupert blushed a bit.

"Rupert! You just acted.. humble? Are you feeling okay?" Todd tilted his head.

Rupert glared at him. "Yes. I'm feeling perfectly fine. Is it a problem for you if I congratulate for success?" Then something began buzzing in his pocket. He grabbed his dinoPhone and answered the call. "Hello, father."

Todd whispered, but his eyes were sparkling. "Woooooww! The FossilDig CEO! Coooool!"

"Hmm? Di66-R's field test results? Well, there needs to be a few adjustments in his circuit. However, I fear that Fighters would rather dig up and battle themselves. It would serve as a perfect emergency or construction robot. The cup? Of course I'll win, Father. I couldn't let you down. Good night." Rupert ended the call and sighed, then put his phone away. Todd and Dina waved good-bye and left for bed.

Rupert gazed at the ash-filled, red sky. "Those two are quite an amusing pair. I wish I could have a friend like that.." He gazed for awhile in thought, then after a huge yawn, decided he needed much more sleep.


Dina shifted a little before yawning. 1:00 PM. She stretched, and turned her head to Rupert. He was still sleeping soundly, curled up in a ball, and.. sucking his thumb. Dina snickered a little and sneaked into the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and shoes, but the same goggles were strapped on. She checked Rupert again, still sucking away at his thumb in a slumber, and she dashed out of the room.

An alert came onto her paleopager as she yawned again. Dina pulled it out, and it read: "Dina's opponent is Nell!" She blinked for a moment, then remembered that today was another Round. Dina scrambled to the Arena, and a young girl was standing there.

"BWAHAHAHAH! I AM DON BONEYARD!" The girl yelled. Dina jumped back a bit, panting. "I'm just kidding, I like to impersonate him!" Nell threw out a Yango, Sungari, and Berto. Dina released her team of Aeros, Edapho, and Nytco.

Dina's team got the first move. Aeros sent a Wind Blast at Berto and flung it into Sungari, then Nycto jetted at Sungari to finish it off.

Nell's move. Berto lunged at Aeros, then smashed her with its tail. Aeros slid back. Yango swung at Edapho with its tail. Edapho countered with its own, then curled up. She started spinning in the air, and hit Yango directly. Aeros slammed Berto into Yango, and Yango was out. Berto breathed fire on Aeros and singed her a little. Nycto pecked Berto a few times, then Berto returned to it's Dino Medal.

"Nice one, Aeros, Nycto! Gimme a five, Edapho!" Edapho held up it's claw and swung it at Dina. "WAIT, EDAPHO! I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY!" The vivosaurs returned to their medals. Dina got a message on her pager. It read: "A new dig-site, Rainbow Canyon, is now open!". As she looked up, Dina saw Todd and Dino race into the Rainbow Canyon pathway. She chased after them, and eventually caught up to the two.

"Hiya Dina!" Todd greeted cheerfully.

"Hi Todd! Hey Dino! What's up?"

"Nothing really." Dino shrugged. "Me and Todd are sharing a room. And why did you teach him to be so good at Mario Party 5? I almost had him, but he beeaatt meeee!"

Dina smiked. "Aw, stop moaning, you crybaby. Is losing too much for you?" Todd started giggling.

"Hey guys, look! There's a fighter with a puppy!" Todd pointed to a small area beside the bridge. The fighter was a girl, seemingly older than Dina, Todd, and Dino. The dog was a small bulldog, with a panda-like pattern. It was running around a round bowl-like object with little spikes on it. Dina kneeled next to the bulldog and pet her.

"Bark bark!" The dog seemed to be enjoying it. The girl walked closer.

"Zat is Madame Pooch. She is lovely, no?" the woman had a french accent. Todd poked the round object. "Oh, zis is a bowl. We found it here. We filled it up with ze fruit!"

Todd whispered, "Oookay. She's a little.. coo coo.."

"It was nice meeting you!" Dina waved and ran across a bridge. Todd and Dino tailed her. Kent was standing near a Gondola on the other side.

"Hey, it's you guys again. Great to see you! See this Gondola? It'll lead you to the bottom. And its walls are filled to the brim with fossil rocks!"

Dina's eyes sparkled. "Oooooooooooooooooh! MUST TRY MUCH AWESOMENESS!" She leaped into the cart, and Dino also jumped in. Todd gulped.

"W-wow.. That's a b-big d-drop.."

"Yeah, so?" Dino sighed.


Dina facepalmed. "Todd, you won't fall off. Just come in already, it's not that dangerous." Todd hesitantly climbed down the ladder into the cart. The three dug out fossils in the wall, and then stopped at the bottom for more fossils. A girl was poking around, searching for something.

"H-hey.. She's kinda cute.." Todd blushed a little.

"Y-Yeah!" Dino agreed, also a bit red in the face.

The girl didn't hear them, but she mumbled to herself. "Where.. is it diga? I can't lose it.. digadig!" She had bright, vibrant pink hair that looked exactly like Pauleen's. She had two, red, tribal paint strokes on her cheeks and emerald green eyes. They were darker than Dina's.

"Hey! She's from the Digadig tribe! They live on Vivodaur Island, like me! Maybe she'll recognize me!" Dino stated and ran over. Todd zoomed to the girl as well. Dina sighed and trudged over.

"Hiya!" Todd smiled. The girl heard him, then fled behind a huge rock. Todd blinked. "H-hey.. Please don't be scared.. I'm friendly! A-and you're pretty cute.. Someone must've dropped an angel, because I can see myself in your eyes!- Oh wait.. that's.. not it.."

"I-it's him.. t-the cute boy.. a-and.. DINO!?" the girl muttered.

Todd shook his head. "Oh well. Hey, what were you looking for? Because I'll be happy to help!"

"Me too!"

Dina yawned. "Me three."

"W-well.. I'm looking for an important p-possesion of mine.. I-It's big.. round.. spiky.. and it p-protects me.."

"Wait! That's what that Joanie girl had! C'mon Todd, let's go get it for her!" Dino cheered and went back to the gondola. Todd followed him in. "Keep the Girl safe, Dina!"

Dina sighed. "Okay.." Once the boys were further up, Dina looked at the girl. "Hey, Pauleen, were you looking for your mask?"

"Wait.. Dina.. How did you know-"

"I can tell. Your hair makes it a bit obvious." Dina laughed. "So, anyway.."


Todd and Dino zoomed up to Joanie and Madame Pooch. When they asked for the mask, they were challenged to a battle.

"Okay! I'm always ready for a battle!" Dino was bouncing with a huge adrenaline pump. Todd handed his Stego medal to Dino.

"Use him!"

"What!? No way, Todd! He's yours to train!"

"B-but.. I'm just trying to help.."

Dino glared at Todd, but grabbed Stego anyway. "Fine. But he works so great with you. He might not work well with me."

Stego started shaking. 'I'll work with anyone as best as I can. But if they're against my master, then I won't work at all.'

"He'll probably do better with you, Dino. You're a better Fossil Fighter. And you can use him better than me."

Dino shook his head in disappointment. "Todd, please dude. You'll never learn what Fossil Fighting's about if you compare supposed skill levels. But anyway, you ready, guys?"

Dimetro, Stego, and Tricera emerged. A Tryma, Machai, and Peloro appeared on the other side of the field. Dimetro lauched at Tryma in a spinning ball, and a battle raged.

"Pauleen, you called Todd 'Cute Boy' earlier.. You don't.."

Pauleen blushed majorly. "W-well I meant he-he's.. uhh.. cutesy.. digadig.."

"He isn't that cutesy.."

"Okay.. he's a-a li-little cute.. diga.. I mean.. not that much.. I mean.. DIGA-DANG IT DIGADIG!"

Dina started jeering. "PAULEEN AND TODD, SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-SS-" Pauleen slapped Dina's arm. "Okay, okay, have it your way, Miss Priss."


Dino had won the battle. Todd grabbed the bowl of fruit and they smiled at each other, following a thumbs up. Then, an alert appeared on their pagers.

"The BareBones Brigade has been kidnapping fighters at Rainbow Canyon! The targets are young females!"

"Heh. Young females, hilarious!" Dino snickered.

"Yeah!" Todd giggled.

"Wait a minute, Todd..!"

Todd gulped.

Then they screamed in unison. "YOUNG FEMALES!?"

"I think Joanie'll be okay, she does have her dog.. but..!" Todd squealed.

"Dina and Pauleen are all alone! COME ON TODD WE GOTTA GO SAVE THEEMMMMM!" Dino yelled and scrambled for the gondola.

At the bottom, Dina and Pauleen were nowhere to be seen, but the floating words of "Shut her up!" and many curse words alerted Dino and Todd. They looked over their shoulders and saw a gondola cart. In in were two BareBones Brigade members, Pauleen, and Dina. Dina's mouth was covered with a scarf, and she was tied up in rope, struggling to get free and fight off the goons. Pauleen struggled a bit as well.

"What is WRONG with this chick? We're lucky we were able to trip her and tie her up! She punched both of us right in the face!"

"Are you sure that's a female?"

"I'm sure. She looks like a girl. She just has boy eyes."

"Mmph mmph! MMMMMPPH!" Dina tried to make a point, but the scarf blocked her sounds.

Dino started steaming more than an old-time train. "YOU GIVE HER BACK YOU SCUMMMMMMBAGGGSSSSSSSS!!!!"

Todd added, "YEAH! SCUMBAGS!"

The gondola was raised up, and Dino and Todd hitched a ride on their gondola. At the top, they looked around, and Todd spotted a door. "Dino! Lookie!"

Dino smirked. "Good. But how'll we get in- OH NO, THERE'S SOME GRUNTS HIDDEEE!"

The two boys hid behind a rock and watched the two BareBones members. One was holding a box of fruit.

"Woooo.. This box is heavy!"

"Oh well! We can't disappoint the boss.. That kid's too scary!"

"Good point. Now please open the door for me! I don't have eight hands over here!"

The empty handed one pushed a button in the rock, and the door opened. Dino and Todd sprinted from their hiding place, and Dino pushed the button. The door opened like before, and they rushed in. The duo hid behind a rock to watch the scene. There were girls on lounge chairs, relaxing. They seemed overly bored. Then the boys saw Pauleen in the corner, shivering and eyes watering. Todd and Dino snook over to her.

"Pauleen? What's wrong?" Todd kneeled next to her.

"They took Dina back.. and she punched the leader.. and he sent his boneysaurs at her.. She's trying to fight him.. And she gave me her dino medals!"

"She's gonna fight BARE HANDED AGAINST SKELETON DINOSAURS!? She's crazy! But it makes her sooooo cute!" Dino blushed and smiled. Todd nudged him nervously and gestured toward an opening.

"Dina's probably in trouble. You should stop having your marriage daydreams and we should go over and help her!"

The three went to the back, and the leader was standing, watching something, with a smug smile on his face. His hair was black, with a red spike of hair in the middle. He was wearing a bejeweled coat that had a white cape attached. He was about Rupert's height.

Todd gasped in disgust. "Ewww! He's a HIPSTER! No wonder the other guys are scared of him!"

Dino smacked Todd urgently, and pointed ahead. Dina was up against the wall, staring into the eyes of a B-Rex. Her face showed no fear, but a lot of anger.

"So, too much of a wuss to come at me yourself, bro? Saddening." Dina growled sarcastically.

"You know the rule, boyo. No hitting the ladies unless you're hitting on them, bro." The leader sighed.

".. So you call me boyo, then refer to me as a chick? Dude, I'm one or the other, and I'm not androgynous. Make up your mind."

"You're a chick."

"You're right. I am. Unfortunately." Dina snarled with a depressed tone.

The leader turned behind him and glared at Dino, Todd, and Pauleen, who had put her mask on. "What are you twerps doing here? I'm Cole, the smartest BareBones Brigade admin. You little pests have no business here."

Dina crept quietly over to Cole, and took a swing at him, with a successful impact. "There. Another little gift from my other fist. That's for threatening me. Enjoy it." She then smugly, leisurely strolled over to Dino, Todd, and Pauleen. "So, you guys ready for some action?"

All three nodded, and Pauleen gave Dina's medals back. Todd backed up. "Uuhh.. I'll be.. out there.. and.. stuff!" Then he fled outside.

Dina sent her Aeros out, Dino sent out his Dimetro, and Pauleen sent out her Amargo.

"Aeros, Dimetro, try and make a combo attack!" Dina commanded.

Dimetro curled up, and Aeros blew Dimetro into B-Rex, B-Lambeo, and B-Brachio. B-Rex and B-Lambeo were knocked out immediately. Amargo smashed into B-Brachio, who flinched a bit. B-Brachio slammed Amargo with it's tail, then Dimetro's fire blast returned B-Brachio to it's medal.

"Oh noes! MOOOOMMMMMMMMMMYYY!" Cole started bawling and he fled, his goons following behind. Todd jumped over happily.

"You guys are really, super duper awesome!"

Dina blushed. "Thanks.."

The group was able to convince the girls to leave and everyone had their tournament battles, all of them succeeding. It was late at night, and the moon glowed shined bright, out-shining the stars. Pauleen dashed away in a hurry, but Todd, Dina, and Dino stayed together in the lobby.

"You know, I'm happy I entered the cup. Because now I have two awesome friends!" Dino smiled. Something was urging him to grab Dina's hand and confess, but he tried to hold himself back, blushing furiously. Todd eyed it and his happy, friendly grin became evil, traitorous, and devious. After Dino couldn't hold the temptation back, he grabbed her hand. Dina just stared at him like he was an idiot.

Dino's face was becoming a blazing red. "Uuummm.. UMMMMM.. D-Dina.. I.. Kinda.. Umm.. UMMMM..!"

"Dino, are you okay?" Dina tilted her head in unknowing concern.


Dina just blinked. "Dude, you're gonna barf, aren't you?"

"GAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Dino ran as fast as he could to his room. Todd started laughing hard.

"Well, at least he'll be able to barf in the toilet." Dina shrugged. "Anyway, it's late, so I'mma gonna go play some Digimon. See you in the morning, Todd! C'mon Aeros." Aeros came out in her portable form, and they both strolled into the suite.

As Dina and here Aeros were taking a bubble bath and playing around with a rubber duck, she heard the suite door open, and the trademark Rupert sigh. "Up. He's here."

'Oh boy, what fun.'

"Meh. Let's just keep playing. Duck is more fun."

Rupert was listening to see if Dina was in the bathroom, and left a small present on her bed. He slumped onto his bed and murmured, "Why do I have to have fangirlsss? They just trampled me when I was trying to get her the present.."

When Dina finished, she blinked at Rupert. "Dude, you look like you just got stampeded by fifty bulls."

"Trampled by fifty fangirls. Now, if you excuse me, I need a shower." Rupert growled and closed the bathroom door.

Dina spotted the box on her bed, and read the tag. ~To Dina-Kun, from your secret admirer! <3 ~

"I have a secret admirer? And they called me Dina-Kun! I wonder.." Dina happily pondered and lifted the lid. Inside was a plush dinosaur-like creature with a heart pendant. She opened the pendant and it had a mix of letters and a statement.


If you know what it means, you'll know who it's from!


Meanwhile, Todd was playing with his Stego, and Dino was on his bed. His pupils were tiny, and he was twitching as he kept slamming his head against his pillow.


"Dino, I think you're really taking your denial too far.. Just accept it and move on with your life!" Todd snickered. "Is it that hard for you?"


Todd shook his head. "Boy, love really isn't your best subject, huh?"

Dino was panting heavily, and hesitantly answered, "N-no.."

"Then you should just calm down and get some sleep. If you're tired, your brain won't be able to handle denial to something so obvious.." Todd sighed.

Then, Todd shut the lights off, and both curled up into a deep slumber.

When Dina opened her eyes, it was early in the morning. Her paleopager was ringing with an alert, and she felt something big next to her. When she turned over, it was Rupert, curled up and sucking his thumb. Dina blushed in embarrassment and yelped, "EY GET OUT YA PERRRRRRV!!"

Rupert yawned, and then his eyes widened. He blushed and crawled back into his bed, quickly falling asleep again. Then, Dina grabbed her pager and read Joe Wildwest would like you to come to his suite as soon as you wake up!

Dina quickly got changed and dashed for the elevator. Todd and Dino caught up.

"You two got the notification too?" Dina excitedly questioned.

Todd was shaking with excitement. "Y-Yeah! I.. c-can't believe it!"

"I wonder why he wants us! Maybe he's gonna give us some rewards for winning so much!"

Dina and Todd rolled their eyes at Dino's comment. Pauleen bounced over, mask on.

"Oh don't tell me. Joe invited YOU twits?"

"Geez, snobby much?" Dino asked sarcastically.

"He invited you, Pauleen? We'll make the best team ever!" Todd cheered enthusiastically.

Pauleen sneered, "Ugh, don't bet on it, shorty. You'll be suucch a useless drag, you wimp!" Todd looked away silently, hurt by the words. His Stego growled and came out.

'Don't you DARE ever insult him again, you prissy little diva!' Stego snarled nastily.

"Pssh. He can't even use you right! Why are you arguing against the truth?"

Dina was edging closer to Pauleen, one fist raised, but Dino grabbed her shoulder, pulled her back, and shook his head.

Todd turned his head toward Pauleen, but he looked cheerful. "Think what you'd like!" Then he giggled happily, and Pauleen stared in confusion.

The elevator opened, and all four rode up to Joe's office room, in his suite. His back was to them for a moment, but he realized they were there, and turned around. His eyes were the odd purple, and Dina frowned a little. Windows surrounded the area, and in the middle of the room was a desk, covered in papers.

"Ah! Welcome, small fries! You like my office? Pretty, no?"

All of the kids nodded back.

"I wanted to ask you pards about.. forming the Caliosteo Patrol Team!"

Pauleen gasped. "OH.. MY.. LORD.."

Todd seemed to sigh and nod, but Dino was jumping in excitement. "I'd love to do it!"

Dina nodded in agreement, but she did it hesitantly.

"I heard about you pards' actions with stopping the BareBones Brigade's plans and the "Monster" at Jungle Labyrinth. And all you kiddies are doing so well in the cup, I thought your skills would do some good! Well, I'm happy you joined! You pards should just relax for the day and wait for tomorrow when Ilium island opens."

"Okay!" Dina, Todd, Dino, and Pauleen walked into the elevator. When they reached the bottom, Pauleen zoomed off, as usual. Todd and Dino walked to Mt. Krakanak for fossil digging. Dina yawned for a bit and thought she heard something, then she saw a yellow flash of eyes in the darkness. The "creature" jumped in a flash of red and white and hugged her, making her spin around continuously. When it let go and fled, she was too dizzy to see what pounced on her, and she fainted.

When she had cold water splashed on her, she winced and woke up. Rupert was kneeled next to her. "Are you alright?"

"Yep.. Ow.. What the heck attacked me?" Dina murmured as she sat up.

Rupert looked away. "I-I'm not sure.."

"Eh, whatever. Anyway, I was gonna go get something in the mall.. Wanna come with me?"


"Haha.. Yes! She'll be mine if I keep hanging out with her like this.." Rupert thought, then murmured to his Mapo, "Hey, Mapo, what kind of drink should she and I share with a straw? Cola? Punch? Or a smoothie?"

Mapo snickered, 'Cherry cola. Sweet and cola-like."

"Good idea."

As Rupert turned around to ask Dina, she had already left, thinking he was following. "Crap! She's gone! And I was so close.."

'Nawww.. Is the little baby crying about his future girlfriend running away from him?' Mapo teased, and turned into his portable form.

"You, shut up." Rupert commanded coldly. "Anyway, where's my hood? I asked you to get it for me."

Mapo just stood there and smirked at Rupert.

"What did you do with it?"

Mapo kept smirking.

"You.. didn't leave it in the room, right?"

Mapo was still smirking silently.

"Oh.. You left it didn't you.. What am I going to do!? I'll be trampled by FANGIRL WAVES!" Rupert started getting nervous and sweaty.

Mapo was just smirking silently, waiting for the fangirls to get there.

"OH GAWD! OH GAWD NO!" Rupert screeched and scrambled to his room, Mapo slowly trudging behind, laughing. Rupert quickly shut the door after Mapo was inside, and he slid onto the floor.

"You idiot!"

'Oh please, it's not that bad. Really funny, actually.'

Rupert sighed, and Dina walked in, and accidentally stepped on his stomach. "Ow! Hey!"

"O-oh, sorry, Rupert..!" Dina apologized and moved her foot. "Say, why are you in here so early, Rich Boy?"

"I was about to be clobbered by flirty females. And don't call me Rich Boy.."

Dina rolled her eyes. "Yeesh. Sooooorry. You're rich, and you're a boy, so it fits. Anyway, I wanted to ask you a question."

Rupert's face lit up a bit, and he thought, "Could it be? Is she going to ask..!?"

"Why are you always in a bad mood?"

Rupert's expression darkened again. "It's very personal."

"Oh." Dina sighed.

"Um.. Dina, would you mind.. if.. I brought you out for some dinner tomorrow?" Rupert was fumbling for something in his pocket. "Ilium looks nice.. so.."

"I w-wouldn't mind at all!"

The next morning, Dina boarded the helicopter with Todd and Dino. Rupert was still sleeping like a baby at the time. On the way to Ilium, Dina's eyes changed color again, to icy blue this time. Dino and Todd had gotten used to the changing colors, and Dino, of course, complimented Dina's new eye color.

At Ilium, Dina, Todd, and Dino left the helicopter, and starting shivering.

"I-It's s-s-so c-c-cold hereee!" Todd whined.

Dina started hugging him for warmth, and Dino scrambled to the Ilium Fighter Station. One of the elite staff members walked up to Dina and Todd.

"Heyyyy dudes. You cold? 'Cuz it is pretty cold around here."

"Y-Y-Yeah.." Todd murmured.

"Buummmmer, bro. You should go inside, if the cold's too much for you. By the way, I'm Kent, I'm the staff leader around here. And I'm guessing the orange-haired girl over there is Dina?"

"Yep, that's me." Dina stated, and let Todd go to the fighter station.

"Coooool, bro! My name's Kent. Snowboardin's my jam." Kent had brown hair, with the typical staff visor. He was bundled up in thick winter gear. "You know, little dude, you should get a coat. It IS pretty chilly around here."

"Good thing I came prepared, then!" Dina pulled out her dinosaur winter coat from her luggage, and put it on. "Now I'm good."

So, you and your buddies should go to Hot Spring Heights when they've got some gear. It's got hot springs, obviously, but it also has tons of cool vivosaurs!"

Dina heard something from the sky and looked up. The private FossilDig copter was landing, and Rupert stepped out with a sigh, but he seemed unaffected by the cold weather. His white hair was as white as the snow on the ground. He strolled over to Dina, blushed a bit at her "adorable getup", and greeted her. "Hello, Dina. Don't forget about tonight!" Rupert winked and dragged his luggage into the Fighter Station. Dina was puzzled about the wink.

"I think he like likes you, little dude!" Kent laughed.

"Rich Boy? But.."

"Nobody just does the wink without something love-related behind it."

Dina blinked. "Good point."


Later that night, Pauleen heard about the dinner, and wanted to check in with Dina. She went to Dina's room, shared with Dino this time, and tapped Dina's shoulder as she was searching through her closet. Dina jumped a bit, and turned around.

"Pauleen! What.. are you doing here?"

"What do you mean 'What am I doing here'?  I heard about your little 'date', and I wanted to help you out with some tips, and to find a dress! Pauleen giggled. "You silly goose!"

"Wait, dress? No no no, I don't-"

"Yes, a dress!"

Dina leaped to the corner and curled up. "NOPE NOPE NOPE I'm wearing a girl tux."

"Finnne." Pauleen shuddered.

"And what do you mean, 'date'? He just asked-" Dina cut herself off for a moment. "If I wanted to have some dinner with him. Nothing weird. I promise theres no kissing or love, from my side at least."

After their talk, Dina got suited up, and walked to the Fossil Guild, where the restaurant was located. Rupert caught up, grabbed her hand, and dashed to the private dining room.

Dina was dragged by Rupert to a golden table in the middle of the room. Rupert let Dina go, and pulled her seat out for her. She sat down, and he pushed her in, then he went to his seat and sat down.

Rupert smiled a bit and murmured gently, like a child. "Ciao, this is nice.."

"Yeah.. I like the silence. It calms me down, since I really don't like loud noises.."

It started snowing outside.

Todd snook in and hid under the table quietly, while both were distracted by the waiter. He opened his pager and sent a message to Dino, saying Okay, pal, I'm in!

A message went back to Todd. Good! Tell me what happens, kay?

Rupert sipped from his glass of coke, and Dina did too. Dina looked at Rupert weirdly. "You drink coke?"

"Yes.. Why..?"

"I didn't think you liked junk food very much."

"Oh.. Well.. I kinda do.." Rupert blushed in embarrassment.

"I like junk food! No need to blush." Dina laughed a bit.

Todd was listening closely. Dino, they're laughing.. and sharing some of their interests..!

Ohhhh cheesebits! Uh.. Don't "bail" yet, but wait until.. something happens.

The snow was getting heavier and the clouds made a rumble. Dina started shivering and shaking.

Rupert noticed. "Dina, a-are you.. okay?"

"Y-Yeah.. Perfectly.. fine.." Her tone started getting more hoarse.

More thunder. Dina started cowering in fear.

"Are you.. scared of thunder?" Rupert started petting her hair.

".. Yes.."

Rupert got up, and moved Dina's chair next to his. Then, he sat down and grabbed her hand again.

"I'm here to protect you."

Todd looked up and saw the "romantic" scene, and he quickly alerted Dino. DINO DINO DINO HE GRABBED HER HAND GET OVER HERE QUICKLYYYYY

Dina stared at Rupert, "N-No need.. I-I'm.. okay.."

Dino busted the door down, panting angrily. "YOU PERVY LITTLE RICH KID GET OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" He tackled Rupert, both flying to the ground.

"Hey! What are you doing here you blue haired creep? How did you-"


Todd popped out from under the table. Rupert and Dina glared at him with slivered eyes. Dina growled, "So, Todd, why were you working with him, again?"

"H-He promised he'd teach me some battle tricks!"

Rupert facepalmed, and Dina turned to Dino. "You know, stupid, this isn't what you think."

"O-Oh.. Really?"

"No. And you know what you get for tricking my little half-brother? NO ONE DOES THAT TO HIM!" Dina pushed Dino off and they got into a fistfight. Rupert stared awkwardly. "C'mon, Todd, get Dino and leave Dina and I alone."

Todd perked up. "O-Okay!" He dragged a crying Dino away from his furious half-sister, and left the room. Rupert brushed Dina off with his hands. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah.. He didn't even fight back." Dina moved her chair to the other side. "Sorry about that, are you hurt?"

"Nope. I'm fine." Rupert sighed. "Let's just eat our food in peace. Todd probably has the pervert under control."


"I really think you're overreacting about this.." Todd muttered. "She'll forgive you. But just don't send me on a private date again.."

"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dino was flailing around on his bed.

Todd sighed, and opened the door. "I guess you need to be alone. See ya!" and Todd left the room.

Later, Dina entered the room, smiling. Dino looked up quickly, and looked away just as fast, embarrassed. Dina whispered to him, "I'm sorry about punching you earlier.."

"No, it's fine. I was being a stalky idiot." Dino shuddered.

Dina smirked. "Naw, please, I just went wild. How about we just get some sleep and get over it?"

"Good idea.."

"And tomorrow I'll go check out the hot springs.." Dina murmured gently into a dreamy sleep. Dino, however, had some trouble.

His Dimetro started to tease him. 'Uuuuh oh! Someone's getting hooked on a girl!"

Dino grabbed at the case and began to scold him. "Hey! You zip it before I put you under the sink!" Dimetro shut up after that. "Anyway, I need sleep and you do too. Go to bed, Dimetro."

After a few hours of sleepless turning and slight obsessing, Dino finally dozed off to some happy, romantic dreams.

Chapter 4Edit

Dino woke up at 5:00 in the morning, and crawled over to Dina's bed. He started shaking and poking her, until her eyes opened with a flash of red. She started hissing and turning in refusal to awaken. After a good thirty minutes, she snapped out of her grumpy mood and tumbled out in hesitation.

"Ugh. I'm soo tired.." Dina softly complained. She yawned soon after.

Dino sighed. "I can see that mornings aren't your strong times."

"Wow, Captain Obvious, it couldn't have been less clear before. Really. Great job." Dina sarcastically clapped. "No, really. Congrats on just finding out. No one knew that before."

Dino sighed again, and stuffed some bread into the toaster. "Want some toast?"

"Nah. My stomach is really weak before noon."

"Alrighty then!" Dino waited until his toast popped up, then scooped the two pieces and placed them on a plate. He walked over to the table and started eating his prize. Dina just slumped into her chair and laid her head down. Her Aeros perked up.

'Hey, sleepyhead, you're outta bed! Stop being so tired.'

"Well, sorr-ee that I'm nocturnal." Dina countered with another yawn.

"The hot springs'll warm ya up!" Dino cheerfully stated.

After Dino had finished eating, which was very quick, they grabbed swimsuits, bundled up in heavy winter jackets, and headed out for Hot Spring Heights. When they got there, the area was covered with snow, but with steaming pits scattered across the terrain. They both spotted Pauleen, heavily bundled, building a snowman, and both stopped. They hid behind a rock and watched her, curious at her behavior. She then took her mask off and muttered a few words.

"H-Hey.. Diga.. N-Nice weather around here.. Huh, diga?" Pauleen seemed to shiver. "For Ilium Island, I-I mean."

Dina and Dino looked at each other, confused, then back at Pauleen.

"Diga-Dang it, digadig!" Pauleen procrastinated, "It works on snowmen, diga! But why.. not people.. digadig?" She put her mask on again and dashed towards Ilium Village. Dina and Dino shrugged it off and trudged toward the hot spring cave. The duo entered a special private cave, specifically for the Caliosteo Patrol Team, and saw Todd already happily splashing around.

"Hiya, guys! It's so refreshing! Change as quick as you can, because it's great!"

Dino nodded. "Okay, Todd! Be right there!" He slammed the Boy's Changing Room door open and closed it quickly. Dina just yawned.

"Meh.. I just wanna go to sleep.."

Her Edapho began to rattle at a fast pace. 'Aww, come on!'

Dina shook her head. "I only got two hours of sleep. I want more.."

Just then, the hot spring started becoming a weird purple color, and smelling different. A yell came from the Boy's Changing Room, and Todd started to struggle.


Todd flailed his arms in terror. "EEK! Purple gooey stuff! EEEEP!"

Dina recoiled in shock. "WHAT THE-"

"Wait a minute.." Todd tasted the 'goo', then his eyes started sparkling. "This is jelly! Okay, Dina, looks like I'm stuck, but go warn Kent while I try to eat my way out!"

"You sure, Todd? You'll get a major stomachache." Dina shuddered. "With a big stomach to go with it."

"No worries! Just go and get Kent!"

Dina zoomed with amazing agility to Kent's office. "KENTKENTKENT WE GOT A PROBLEM BRO!"

"What is it, Little Dude?"

Dina calmed down a bit. "The.. hot springs and water systems are filled with jelly.."

Kent blinked. "Wooaahhh. That's a bummer. I'll be right over. However, if you could go check the hot spring water system in Mt. Krakanak for me, it would be awesome. Too hot there for a guy like me."

"I'll do it Kent!" Dina nodded and rushed off to the helicopter and took the flight to Cranial Island.

She wasn't very far up the path to the creepy volcano, before she heard a murmur.


She turned and took sight of Rupert approaching. "Kent warned me about the incident.. Um.. I'm coming with you.."

"Rupert? Why..? You're never this nice!" Dina argued.

"Well, I feel pity for Todd and Dino.." Rupert looked down. "No man deserves to be stuck in jelly. Let's go."

The pair walked to the top of the volcano, to the gondola. They jumped in and rode it down, Rupert shivering and sweating.

"Something wrong, Rich Boy?"

Rupert gulped. "I-I'm scared.. of fire.. and magma.."

Dina grabbed his hand. "No worries!" Dina smiled cheerfully. "I'm here to protect you! I won't let you fall in."

At the bottom, the two gazed around, before Rupert pointed out some BareBones goons and a fat rockstar ordering them around. "I knew I detected the nasty stench of the BareBones Brigade goons. Let's go get 'em."

Dina stomped and Rupert politely stepped towards the grunts and the rockstar noticed them. "You little pipsqueaks got guts showin' your ugly mugs 'round here."

"SHE'S NOT UGLY YOU-" Rupert steamed, before Dina gently placed her hand over his mouth to shut him up. He blushed majorly and stopped his rant.

"Pardon him." Dina smirked. "It seems like I have a bone to pick with you idiots. Turn off the machine, or it's down with you boneheads."

The rockstar grinned the same nasty grin. "Oooh! A feisty one, I see. No wonder snow-hair over there likes you. If you wanna feel the angry wrath of me, get ready for me to smash you through the ground!"

One of the goons urged the others to surround Rupert. "Get them! For Lester and Don Boneyard!"

Lester cracked his knuckles and threw out his B-Rex, Dina threw out her Aeros.

Aeros launched at B-Rex, pushing it back, then releasing a blast of wind, making it sail into the rocky wall of the volcano. B-Rex struggled up, and knocked Aeros into the magma. Dina jumped nervously then took a golden fossil head out of her case. Rupert caught it shine from the corner of his eye and he quickly turned around. "Dina! Where did you get that!?"

"I dug up a weirdly shaped hexagon rock. I cleaned it, but I didn't know what to do with it, so I kept in in my bag.. But it might work now.." She tossed the fossil into the magma, where Aeros sunk, then a huge blast of light shot up to the sky, past the rim of the volcano. As the light started fading, a beautiful, yellow dinosaur with butterfly-like features was fluttering above Aero's sinking spot.

"A-Aeros!?" Dina questioned fearfully.

'I'm not Aeros anymore, Master. I'm Teffla now.' Teffla soared high into the air, then headbutted B-Rex in a rush of speed. B-Rex returned to it's medal state immediately.

Rupert stared at Dina. "Dina, Aeros became a.."

Dina finished his sentence. "Super Evolver.."

Teffla landed as the goons fled as quick as they could. Teffla destroyed the jelly machine, then Dina pet Teffla's leg. "Wow.."

'No time to dawdle, lovebirds. We should get back to the hot spring ASAP.'

Dina shivered at the word 'lovebirds'. Teffla changed into her portable form and perched onto Dina's shoulder as the duo started off. Todd and Dino were standing outside the cave, bundled up in the cold weather, Todd patting his stomach. "Ahh.. That was satisfying!"

"Hmph! I wanted some too.." Dino pouted. "Oh, look! Dina.. and Rich Boy!?"

Pauleen was trailing behind, with an angry tone in her voice. "HOW DARE YOU HAVE A MISSION AND NOT TELL ME!"

Todd shrugged at her comment. "Well, sorry that I was stuck in jelly."

"Wait a minute.." Pauleen demanded. "What's Rich Boy doing here?"

"He.. helped me out."

Todd, Pauleen, and Dino shot their heads in Rupert's direction, shocked. Pauleen edged closer to Rupert. "Ha! I know why little Rich Boy helped. They must have been carrying gold coins or something!"

"I'll not defend myself to you.." Rupert was blushing in embarrassment. "I just.. felt like helping. That's it."

Pauleen placed her arms on her hips. "Really? Well, there's no backing down now, Rupert! There's no doubt about it. You're officially the newest member of the Caliosteo Patrol team!"

Everyone shot their heads towards Pauleen in shock.

Todd cheerfully perked up. "Yeah! That's a great idea!"

Dino added, "Yeah! Come on, we'd love to have you, right Dina?" Dina silently nodded with a grin.

Rupert seemed withdrawn, but shyly gazed at the four. "You want me to join you..? To be.. your friend?" He seemed to faintly smile, and his pale face and dull eyes brightened a bit.

Pauleen tilted her head. "Wow, Rupert, you look so.. happy! It's so unlike you!"

"I'm not happy..!"

"Don't deny it!" Pauleen snickered.

"Okay, maybe a bit happy.." Rupert replied. But His face dullened when he heard a sharp and stern comment.

"Rupert, what is this foolery?"

The five turned to the source. A tall man, eyes hidden behind golden sunglasses, with brown hair and a purple suit. The FossilDig CEO. Rupert cringed, and cowardly walked up to his father. "W-what.. do you mean, father?"

"I mean, joining up with third-class fighters for FUN. Fun is not your priority Rupert."

Rupert looked down, almost like he had been stabbed in the chest. "I understand.."

The team watched in utter disgust as Rupert was shaking under his father's nasty glare. "Now, leave these fighters alone and get back to your own business, Rupert. You know it's not proper to bother others." The FossilDig CEO strolled away, Rupert still facing the same direction. Dina edged closer to him, but he held his hand in a 'no' gesture. "For now, all of you.. Just.. Leave me alone." He dashed up the path, Dina following after him.

She caught his hand and he stopped for a moment. He turned his head toward her, and they stared into each other's eyes. Dina's icy blue eyes shined in the sunlight. Rupert whispered, "I'm sorry," then broke loose of her grip, continuing up the path to Ilium Village. Dina stood in place, silent, until she murmured, "For what..?" but no answer had come to her. The other three caught up to her, but no one made a sound. They all mourned silently in the cold air, together.

Rupert sighed when he saw a FossilDig Helicopter fly away. He looked back towards the path to Hot Spring Heights, wondering if he should disobey and go back. But the phrase "Major Consequences" floated in his mind, and he shivered. He walked into the Ilium Fighter Station and his eyes started to water. He fled to his room.

"I haven't cried.. for awhile.."

He noticed that he was alone, his vivosaurs having a disappointed, but quiet air.

"Why must I be so alone? Why can't I be free?"

His voice echoed in the dark room. The blinds were closed.

"I would rather be poor with friends then rich and lonely.. I hate this.. I hate life.."

A snowstorm started brewing outside.

"Why must one have to live in such a nasty realm of enslavement and loneliness?"

The snowstorm became stronger. All the fighters on Ilium Island had to retreat into the Station. The heating system was broken down. The patrol team sat in Dina's room, cuddled up under a blanket in a circle.

Rupert felt no chill. But under his fingertips, his bed began to freeze.

"Can a brave individual just come and slaughter me? It would be more worth it to live with my mother again then go through this.."

His bed became fully frozen, and the ice started invading the floor and his desk.

"Mother.. Why did you leave me..?"

The ice started up the wall.

"What have I done to deserve this..?"

The icicles and ice had taken over the ceiling. The room was fully iced, and Rupert then noticed the miracle. "What!? How did.. I must get out of here before I freeze!"

He smashed into his iced door and started struggling to open it. "LET ME OUT!" The door flung open, and Rupert ran to the first room he saw. Dina's room.

Three of the members were asleep, but one was awake, holding her younger half-brother. "Rupert..?"

Rupert blinked, then closed the door fast and dashed to the Lounge in a hooded cloak, to hide his identity. He murmured to himself. "Shoot! That would have actually been my perfect demise! Oh well.."

He closed his eyes, and curled up into his blanket. Alone.

Dina started crying silently. "I-I was about to forgive him and ask him to stay.. Why did he run..?"

The late night moon shined through the window. Dina had stayed awake in her laments. But only her and Pauleen were awake.

"Dina, what's wrong?"

"Rupert had opened the door, but he fled.." Dina looked down.

Pauleen tried to talk to Dina about it, but got no answers, except for one. "Do.. you have feelings for Rupert?"

"Not like that. No. But I feel really bad for him. Have you ever thought that maybe we all have something in common with him?" Dina asked softly and gently.

"What do we have in common with such a-" Pauleen didn't get to finish.

"We are were lonely."

Pauleen jumped a bit. "Wait, are you telling me that Rupert never had any friends!?"

"By the way his father put it, I don't think he was even allowed out of his mansion except for company business."

An alert appeared on Dina and Pauleen's pagers. It was from Joe.

Pards, we have a problem. Call me now, it's an emergency!

Dina started a call through her pager and put it on speaker. "Joe, what's going on!?"

"Pards, the power source was stolen by the BareBones Brigade."


Joe made a sigh on the other end. "That's right pard. The cup would have to shut down! Can you hop to it? Reports say they're at Ilium at the moment. Probably at the opened dig site, Icegrip Plateau."

"Well, Todd caught a cold, and Dino'll be looking after him.. Looks like we only have two.. Oh well, we'll do our best."

Dina and Pauleen rushed out the door, and Dina slammed right into Rupert at the entrance.

Both got up silently, then Rupert started to run to the Cleaning Room. Pauleen screamed angrily at him. "RUPERT! Come back! I know you care about the cup! JUST STAND UP TO YOUR FATHER! GET SOME BACKBONE ALREADYYYY!"

Rupert continued his dash to the Cleaning Room, Dina looking down silently and Pauleen panting. She then held her hands over her mouth.

"Ugh.. I'm so terrible.." Dina looked over as Pauleen started to rant. "I can't believe I told him to get some backbone.. when I can't even take off my mask.."

Dina tapped her shoulder, as a way of saying. "It's fine. You'll do it." The two kept on to Icegrip Plateau as Dina began thinking of the times when she was alone..

It was a sunny spring day on the playground. A boy was showing off his new dino medal, then spotted a kid shuffling lonely, away from the crowd.

"Hey, Girly Boy! Over here!" A boy called over to a younger Dina.

"Hmm?" Dina ran over, but ran into a punch to the face.

Everyone saw the incident, and a huge roar emerged from the crowd. Dina started withdrawing, holding her bleeding nose, ready to cry. The boy started snickering.

"You'll never get a vivosaur, Girly Boy! You don't fit in either. What a LOSER."

Another boy jeered, "Why don't you just act like a GIRL, like you are!" All of the girls nodded in agreement.

"B-But I hate dresses! And makeup! And I don't have feelings for anyone.." Dina started cringing.

"Wow, what a lammmmoo!" The leader boy snickered. Then Dina dashed up and punched him. All of the girls cowered in terror and the boys blinked in shock.

"Girls don't fight!" A girl complained. All of the students nodded in agreement and fled to the other side of the playground. Leaving Dina standing in the middle of a baron land.

"Why does no one accept me?"

Dina turned to Pauleen on the path. "Pauleen, do you know what it's like to not be accepted?"

"Yep. I never was."

"Me either."

The two girls held hands in friendship as they ran up to 3 goons. One was Cole, one was Lester, and the last was a hippie girl. The hippie twirled in their direction. "Boys, we have, like, some little runts that escaped the flock."

Cole recoiled. "Hey! That chick defeated me!"

"Same here bro!" Lester growled.

"The blonde tomboy?" the hippie questioned. "You two are losers. Wait, they're outnumbered. Look's like we won before the battle even, like, started."

Pauleen and Dina heard her statement, and both grabbed into their pockets for their Dino medals.

"I'm Lola, the groovy chick, by the way." She grabbed her three dino medals.

Then, a shadow appeared next to Dina. Everyone looked over, and Rupert was the owner of the shadow. He turned towards Dina and Pauleen. "You were right, Pauleen. I do care about the cup shutting down. And I do need a backbone."

As Fossil battling ended, with the Patrol Team victorious, a splash came from the ocean. Everyone looked over, and Cole pointed to a huge tail poking out of the water. "Wh-what's that!?"

Then, A giant whale emerged from the cold sea, and opened it's gigantic mouth. Dina, Pauleen, and Rupert cowered and backed up, then everything went dark.

Dina opened her eyes and felt around her. A slimy and squishy ground met her senses. Pauleen stretched and looked around. "W-Where..?"

Rupert lifted his head up. "Pauleen.. I hate to break it to you, but we're in the whale right now."


Dina rubbed her back. "Pauleen, don't worry. I know what we need to do. We just need to find his mouth and make him barf us out."

Pauleen's face got a tint of green. "Ewwwww!"


A little farther up the road, the three spotted the BareBones Brigade Admins. The admins looked at the trio with nasty looks. Lola spoke up first " Ugh. We wouldn't be in this dump if it wasn't for you three."

Lester added, "Yeah! Twerps! You're responsible for getting us out."

Cole nodded in agreement. Dina sighed. "Fine. Come with us, just don't kill us on the way."

The group traveled through areas of dim lights and never-ending pink walls, until a giant, pink, shell and seaweed covered protrusion. Pauleen stared at it before ranting, "Oh wait, there's the tonsil. Time to get us out of here!" She rapidly kicked the tonsil. It turned red and started shaking. Rupert leaped in front of her.

"Pauleen! Stop-" But Rupert was cut off when him and Pauleen were sent flying by the Tonsil's hard smash. Dina and the BB Brigade Admins backed up. Dina then sent out Teffla, and asked her to irritate it more. Teffla rammed it's tail against the tonsil until it fell over.

A weird, water sound was heard. Pauleen and Rupert were awoken and they limped over. Rupert looked around. "W-What is that sound..?"

Dina's eyes widened. "Uh.. guys.. It's.. gonna..!"

A huge wave of water flooded the mouth, then the group were blasted out of the blowhole. Dina was tumbling, and her face turned green. "Ooog.. I think I'm gonna be sick.."

Then the group realized they were in the air.

High in the air.

Pauleen screeched and started flapping her arms. Rupert did the same, but Dina kept tumbling. The BareBone's Brigade were already in the water. Then the trio splashed down into the water, and Rupert started flailing his arms. "I-I.. don't know how to swiimmm!"

Dina swam over, mounted him onto her back, and looked for Pauleen. Pauleen floated to the surface in utter disgust. "Now my clothes are all wet.."

"No time for that. Let's get out of here before we get a cold like Todd did!"

They made it onto an iceberg in Icegrip Plateau, and each started shivering. The BareBones Brigade handed them the Super Electronimites, then the patrol team shot their heads up, puzzled.

"You like, saved our lives, man. So, it's only right to pay you back." Lola smirked. "And by the way, I know Rich Boy is totally falling for Tomboy." Lola giggled a bit. Then the admins trudged away.

Rupert steamed a bit, but calmed down. "Other than that unnecessary comment, maybe they aren't so bad.."

Pauleen laughed, "Unnecessary, but true! Teehee! Anyway, we should get these to the islands. I'll take Cranial, Rupert, you go take Ribular. Dina, take it here. We'll meet up in Ilium Station's lobby!"

The other two nodded, then each went off to the Fighter Stations to reinstall the Super Electronimites.

The three met up back in the Ilium Fighter Station, Dino and Todd caught up to them as well. Todd seemed to not be sick anymore.

"Great job, you two!" Pauleen cheered.

Rupert blushed a bit. "T-Thanks.."

Dino stared at Rupert, then growled, "What's Rich Boy doing here? He left us!"

"He came back." Dina smiled.

Dino's eyes sparkled, and he glomped Rupert, yelling, "AWWW YEAH! Welcome back, pal! A bro hug for you, bro!"

Pauleen lifted Rupert up to his feet, looking at Dino worriedly. Dina snickered as Todd was looking away. Then, everyone noticed Todd's very peculiar behavior. Pauleen broke the silence first. "Todd..? You alright there, shortie?"

"Shortie? I'm not short!" Todd playfully turned around and countered. "But, thanks for coming back, Rupert!"

Pauleen then waved her hands rapidly. "Okay, okay! I've been saving this moment for awhile guys!" Everyone looked at her, puzzled.

"I am going to take off my mask, finally, and face the world with my true self!"

Dina thought, "Good job, Pauleen! I know you could do it!"

Pauleen started tugging on her mask, but it wouldn't budge. Her pulls became more fast and frantic, until she started to sweat. "Oh.. no!"

Dino, Todd, and Rupert gazed in complete confusion, but Dina edged closer to Pauleen, and whispered, "Pauleen? Y-You okay?"

"NOOOOO!" Pauleen began to whimper and screech. "I'VE BEEN CURSED! I'LL HAVE IT ON MY FACE THE DAY I DIEEE!!"

Dina titled her head, then Pauleen pushed her aside with force and zoomed out. "What.. is her problem?" Dino sarcastically questioned.

"Is there some.. magic power in that mask?" Rupert interrogated, "Or, did she accidentally glue it to her face?"

Dina glared at Rupert, and he immediately stopped talking. "No time for jokes, Mr. Fancy Pants. She told me that the mask gave her magic powers, which made her more confident. She gave me the whole scoop when we were all cuddled up in the room."

"So that explains the weird incident at Hot Spring Heights, right?" Dino responded quietly.

"Yeah. We should go split up and look for her.. It's the best thing we can do." Dina sighed with a troubled tone. "I'll go to Rainbow Canyon, since it seems to have good hiding spots."

Rupert nodded. "Good, I'll take Mt. Krakanak. Todd, you go to Ribular, and Dino, you check around here."

Todd saluted with a smile, and Dino dashed out and started towards Hot Spring Heights. Dina, Todd, and Rupert boarded the Helicopter, and at Cranial Island, Dina and Rupert got off as Todd wished them luck.

Dina jogged up the path, over the bridge, until she heard sobs in the old BB Brigade hideout. She slipped inside, and where Cole had stood, Pauleen was shivering and crying, turned away from the opening. Dina approached her silently, her eyes watering. Pauleen spun towards her direction with agility.

"Dina! Don't come closer! I-I attack everyone I see with a Fossil Battle! I can't control myself! Dina, please run! Run away!"

Dina's fists clenched. "Only a coward would leave their friend behind, Pauleen."

Pauleen's arm moved on it's own, grabbed three dino medals from her pocket, and sent them out. A Berto, Berta, and a Krypto all growled, snarled, and snorted.

Dina released Teffla, Edapho, and a new vivosaur she had dug up, Tsintao. "Alright, Teffla, send them flying!"

Teffla's wings started beating fast, and faster, and then faster. A strong wind was brewing. The three opposing vivosaurs crashed into the rocky walls behind Pauleen. Edapho leaped onto Berta, bit it, then flung it into the rocky barriers behind Dina. Berta returned to it's dino medal. Berto and Krypto lifted themselves up, but they were shaking from the impact. Tsintao bounced into the air, then punched Krypto, making him also return to his dino medal.

Berto breathed giant fireballs at all three of Dina's vivosaurs, but all of them endured the attack. Teffla then slammed headfirst into Berto, returning him to his dino medal.

Pauleen's mask flashed and popped off her face. She was panting heavily, eyes wide. She stared at the mask until she turned to Dina. "Dina-kun.."

Dina edged closer, "Yes, Pauleen?"

Pauleen jumped closer and grabbed Dina's hands. Pauleen blushed and happily waved their arms. "You diga-did it, digadig! You saved me, diga! Thank you, thank you, thank you, digadig!"

As Pauleen was energetically thrusting Dina around, Rupert strolled in, calling both of their names, then he spotted the two. He smirked and walked up to the pair. "Ahh. I didn't know you two were like that!" Rupert tagged his sentence with a snicker.

Pauleen's blushing faded, but Dina was flustered. "What are you.. Oh, HEY, RICH BOY! THAT ISN'T FUNNY!"

"Come on, Dina-kun, diga! Admit it, it's PRETTY funny, digadig." Pauleen giggled. Dina's peppy grin turned into a grumpy frown, followed by a sigh.

Rupert looked down at the mask, and gently tapped Pauleen's shoulder. "So, what shall we do with this?"

"Oh, diga-don't worry about THAT, diga!" Pauleen cheerfully replied, "I'm sending it back to my tribe in a package, attached with a note of apology, diga. I shouldn't have stolen it, digadig.."

Dina was the first to see a flashing alert on her pager. She pulled it out and blinked at the bright red letters on the screen, and read them aloud. "The final 3 matches are approaching. Good luck fighters! The demi-final matches will be Todd versus Pauleen and Dino versus Rupert. Dina will fight the winner of the T. v. P. match."

The three shared looks of fear and excitement. The final three matches were going to begin, and they wouldn't be easy.

Later that night, the patrol team had started a campfire, and were going to camp out in the Jungle Labyrinth together. Each sat on a log with another, except for Rupert, who sat alone.

Pauleen breathed heavily. "This is big, guys, diga. Good luck to all of you.. digadig.. But I diga-do hope to fight Dina in the finals, digadig."

Rupert added, "As do I. You.. gave me confidence, Dina."

"Well I hate to break it to you all, but I'LL be fighting her in the finals!" Dino interrupted selfishly. "She gave me a special I never had! And it makes me wanna jump into the air and never ever come down!"

Dina was quietly blushing, Todd was grim and silent. Todd spoke up after a few minutes. "I-I don't really care about what happens. It's the thrill of the fight I look forward to, not the fighter."


The next morning, the patrol team all approached the Ribular Fighter Station, where the first battle of the final fights would begin..

Chapter 5Edit

Todd and Pauleen entered the arena's waiting room. Inside, they both stared into each other's eyes.

"Todd, just because we're friends, I'm NOT going easy on you, digadig! Diga-don't do the same to me, digadig!" Pauleen cheerfully challenged.

"No worries, I wasn't planning to!" Todd replied with a daring air.

The two then walked onto the battlefield to their places. Pauleen sent out Berto, Berta, and Plesio. Todd only released one vivosaur, his Stego.

Pauleen recoiled, but began to ponder. "W-what.. his he.. diga-doing..?"

Pauleen's team attacked first. Berto shot burning fireballs at Stego, but Stego skillfully dodged every one. Berta tried to drill into him, but also missed. Plesio then sent a huge wave at Stego. Stego rolled up and smashed the wave into smithereens without taking a scratch.

Todd shot a look up to one of the premium watching boxes, then spoke his command. "Stego, aim for Plesio!"

Stego jumped into the air, then released air blasts at Plesio, who was knocked out in one hit. Pauleen stared in horror and amusement. "How.. diga-did.. huh? What is he planning!?"

Berta leaped into the air, and smashed Stego with her tail, causing Stego to slide back a bit. Stego and Berta began to bite and slash at each other, until Stego defeated Berta. Stego was left at half of his health.

Berto and Stego began to approach each other slowly, yet steadily, until Berto launched at Stego and snapped at him with his sharp fangs. Stego took more damage, but rolled into Berto at sonic speed. Berto was left at half of his health.

The two vivosaurs stared each other down, until they both released projectiles of air gusts and hot magma, causing a haze to spread around the stadium. As the smoke cleared, the two vivosaurs were stumbling and bruised. Then both fell and returned to their dino medals at the same time.

The match had ended in a tie. The two kids had to decide who would advance.

Pauleen dashed up to Todd and hugged him. "Your Stego was amazing! I see why you went solo! So, I think you should go ahead!"

Todd shook his head.

"W-Why not!? Your vivosaurs were-"

"But Pauleen, it's not all the vivosaurs. So, you should go on. Your bond with yours is better, and it shows! Anyway, like I said, I was looking for the thrill of the fight. And that battle was more than enough to satisfy!"

Pauleen gazed at Todd quietly, feeling guilty, but she strolled up to the announcers, Ty Ranno and Trip Cera. She whispered the results to them, and Ty Ranno broke the suspenseful silence of the audience. "The two have decided that Pauleen would advance to fight Dina! Good luck!"

Todd had already left the field, but waited outside in the corner of the lobby as the audience filed out, gossiping loudly. A beautiful young woman with blonde hair and a silver crown walked up to him, pet his hair, and kissed him, and walked out with two guards waving. Pauleen witnessed the scene as she exited, but she was utterly confused. She snuck over to Todd. "T-Todd, diga? Who is that lady? Why did she.. kiss you?"

Todd blinked and tilted his head, puzzled. "Pauleen, you don't know? She's my mom!"

"Your mom- Wait a minute, diga.. Isn't she the pretty Queen of Courinway, digadig?" Pauleen's pupils shrunk as she started to realize something. "No way.. diga! It couldn't be, diga!"


"You're Torinteaux Tokage, aren't you, diga!? The missing prince of Courinway, digadig!"

"Eh? You didn't know?" Todd murmured. "But shush! There's a lot of people here!"

"I can't believe I diga-didn't see it, digadig! You even have the same LAST NAME, diga!" Pauleen thrusted her fists up and down in a childish rage. "But then again, no one does know what you look like, diga. The only picture they have of you being linked to the kingdom is a baby picture, digadig."

"Really?" Todd muttered. "Huh.."


Todd began to blush, and Pauleen released him. "Okay, tell me about it more later, okay, digadig? We have a battle to see, diga!"

"Oh yeah! The battle to see which one of the boys gets to try to impress Dina!"

"Teehee! What flirts!" Pauleen giggled as she gently embraced Todd's hand. "But let's get going, we've got an exciting battle to see!"


At the Ilium Fighter Station, Dino and Rupert didn't speak a word to each other. Their air became competitive to intense levels. Dina looked back and forth as both of the teenage boys just glared at each other with confidence. Dina then snorted, "Can you two stop that already? It's getting REALLY creepy, and overly awkward." Yet, neither spoke a word. They just continued to stare. But they knew about each other's thoughts, the one thought that laid in their minds.

"I have to impress her. I have to beat him for her to be mine."

"Bros, I get that you two are dudes and everything, but it seems like you two are fighting for a chick- Oooh! I see what you two are doing!"

The two challengers shot their heads toward Dina, faces pale with horror.

"You two are fighting over a girl!" Dina smirked. "Wow, what noobs."

Rupert and Dino looked at her, confused. Dina added on to her statement. "Why would you two waste your lives like that? You two are such great fighters, you shouldn't have a GIRL distract you, or even become your motive. But, maybe one of you could tell me who you're both trying to flirt with?"

Rupert and Dino gazed at her with mixed emotions, mainly of nervousness and marvel. But both were thinking the same, "Wow, she's cute when she rants!"

The two heard the announcement for them to go in. They silently walked through the arena waiting room doors, and at the battlefield gates, they shook hands, both smiling.

"May the lucky man win." Rupert declared. Dino responded with a nod as the two took their places on the battlefield.

Dino released Lugmos, Tricera, and Stygi. Rupert threw out Mapo King, and two mapos.

"Very creative, Rich Boy!" Dino joked.

Rupert prissily stuck his nose in the air. "It can still beat your lame team, Bedhead!"

Pauleen and Todd found their way to Dina's seat, and they both sat down next to each other. Todd was shifting with energy. "Ooh.. I wonder who'll win! They look pretty close in skill level!"

Pauleen began to shake some pink pom poms as she cheered for both sides, Dina glared at her like she was crazy. Rupert and Dino were panting, because the big match was about to begin.

Dino sent his team to attack first. "Tricera! Smack one of the Mapos down with your horns!"

Tricera leaped into the air, then smashed against one of the Mapos, horn first. Mapo slid back, but lauched and countered with his fangs. Tricera jumoed back to his place. Lugmos began to zig-zag around the field until he launched at Mapo King and slapped with his tail. Mapo King was heavily damaged, but his claws started to turn blue. Then he punched Lugmos, who was knocked back to his place. Stygi jet at the other Mapo and headbutted him, which immediately knocked Mapo out.

Mapo King dashed up to Lugmos, stomped on him, punched him again, and breathed a quick burst of water onto him. Lugmos was defeated. The Mapo bit Stygi and flung him into the wall. Stygi got to his feet, shivering. Stygi then pounced above the Mapo overhead and headbutted it, knocking it out.

Mapo King released a giant tsunami just as Mapo was returned. The wave impacted onto both Tricera and Stygi, and both were defeated in one hit.

Even though Dino lost, he didn't seem discouraged, he was actually smirking as Rupert casually strolled up to him. "It's seems as if I have won this battle. Any last words?"

"Yeah!" Dino smiled. "I lost on purpose!"

Rupert blinked in shock. Dino explained his reasonings in a smug tone. "I wanted you to win so I could watch you embarrassingly get flustered in front of Dina and lose JUST because you're a derpy flirt. I didn't want to be the one who got flustered, so I took a loss just to watch you lose more!"

Just then, Rupert realized his mistake and began to blush with overflowing embarrassment. Rupert then grabbed Dino by the collar and slapped him twice. "YouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

Rupert thrusted Dino to the ground as he started to stomp on Dino in an endless rage, not very much unlike Mapo King's stomping. Dina trudged out onto the field angrily and dragged a flailing Rupert off of the injured Dino. "Rupert, calm down. What got you so riled up? I thought you were a proper rich boy gentleman. Gentleman don't fight. Bad Rupert."

Rupert began to calm down and sigh. Dino got up and punched Rupert as a return. Dino shivered as he walked off of the battlefield, and met up with Todd and Pauleen in the lobby. Todd whispered in his ear, "So that was why you didn't try that hard?"

"Yeah.." Dino nodded and laughed. "Oh whatever! No one cares! Like you said, the thrill of the battle is way more fun! And I could fight Dina anytime, so I really didn't care."

Pauleen was giggling as she managed to get out a sentence, "Hehe! Oh, Dino, diga. You boys are SO immature, digadig. But tonight, we'll have a diga-dinner to congratulate everyone, diga! And maybe you'll get your first kiss with Dina-kun, diga!"


Pauleen began to cheerfully skip away. Dino started to struggle more, but Todd kept him from breaking loose. "Dino, can you just admit it already? Then can you confess? Because you two would be soo cute together and it's sad to see you in denial.."

Dino blinked and gazed at Todd for a minute, until he sighed. "Okay.. Maybe I like her.. A TEENY bit."

"You like her more than that!"

".. Okay.. Maybe a lot.."

Todd smiled at Dino, "See? Wasn't that easy?"

Just then, Dina walked out of the arena doors, followed by Rupert. Rupert snatched her hand, and pulled her close to him. He murmured, "This is for your favorite joke, Dina-kun." Then he pecked her on the cheek in front of the flocking audience.

Dina's cheeks started to turn more red then fire, and Dino began to steam angrily. Todd stood there in shock, but held Dino back. Fangirls squealed and screamed "OMG! I SHIP IT! I SHIP ITT!"

Dina playfully punched Rupert's arm, and yelled, "BAKKAAAAAAAAA! THAT JOKE ISN'T FUNNYYYY"

"Oh, she took it as a joke.." Dino sighed, "Good."

Later, in the afternoon, the patrol team all visited the hot springs to relax.

Dino and Rupert came out first, joking happily, and it seemed they had gotten over their fight from earlier. They both dived into the hot spring and began to splash at each other like children. Then, Pauleen shyly slipped out of the girl's dressing room, and saw the two boys. She blushed and giggled as she hopped in. Next, Dina poked her head out, and seemed distraught. "P-Pauleen! Why would you put me in THIS!?"

"Because, you're such a cutie and your cuteness shouldn't go to waste, digadig!"

Dina shivered as she walked out, wearing a cute one-piece with a skull on it. "Pauleen.. It's so.. Girly.. I don't wear this stuff! Ever!"

Dino and Rupert saw her and started to blush furiously. Dino murmured, "Woah.. She looks like a super model.."

Rupert shrugged in reply, then spurted out, "H-Hey Dina, y-you look adorable!"

Dina blushed in embarrassment. "WH-WHAT! NOO! I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK CUTE! I'M TOO MASCULINE FOR THISSSS!" She dashed back into the changing room and came back out in a swim shirt and swim pants with the same pattern. "There. That's better."

Pauleen smirked as she stared at both Dino and Rupert's reactions. Both were blushing even more than before. Rupert muttered to Dino, "She's even cuter in a boy's swimsuit.."

"I know.. This is so weird.." Dino whispered back.

A half an hour went by of playing around in the hot spring, but the whole time, Todd hadn't come out of the changing room. Dino noticed and called for him, "Todd, what are you doing in there?"

Todd immediately came out in swim shorts, but he was hiding his chest with his arms. Rupert and Dino eyed him suspiciously as he climbed in gently and slowly. Pauleen blushed and shot her head away quickly. Todd was shivering, but managed to squeak, "I-I'm sorry.. I-I'll go put my swim shirt back on.."

Pauleen grabbed his shoulder quickly and shook her head. "Diga-don't worry, digadig! It's all good, diga."

The five teens played around, joked, and splashed each other for hours..

But a dark storm was brewing at Joe's Office..

"What fools.." Joe sighed with a different voice. His d purple eyes "They STILL haven't caught me. How.. Amusing."

The next morning, Dina and Pauleen nodded at each other in front of the arena doors. It was time for their semi-final battle. The winner would fight Rupert in the finals.

On the field, Dina released her Teffla, Edapho, and Tsintao. Pauleen threw out Omias, Synthos, and Plesio.

Pauleen took the first move. Plesio made a huge wave, and smashed it into Tsintao, whew flew back, into the wall. Synthos charged at Tsintao, and hit him while he was in the shock. Omias didn't move, but seemed to be charging up an attack.

Dina checked the suffering Tsintao, and fetched a Golden Fossil Head out of her case, then she tapped Tsintao with it. The fossil disappeared as Tsintao released a light, not unlike Teffla's appearance, and a small, brown dinosaur emerged from the beam. He made no sound as it launched boulders at the opposing team. Plesio and Omias were damaged slightly, but Synthos was knocked back into its dino medal on impact. Teffla soared into the air, then rammed against Omias, which took massive damage from the attack. Omias slid back into the coliseum wall. Edapho leaped at Plesio, then injected it with poison through his fangs. Plesio began to pant and the poison kicked in. Plesio was quickly losing LP.

Omias jumped at Teffla and slashed at him multiple times with her horn. Teffla guarded against each hit, then kicked Omias back into the wall as he did a flip. Omias returned to it's dino medal. Plesio span a whirlpool around Bulgon and Edapho, but Edapho countered it with a wind blast. Plesio was hit by the whirlpool, then Edpaho's blast, and was knocked out. Teffla, Edapho, and Bulgon all roared in victory. Pauleen walked up to Dina and grabbed her hands, like before.

"That was AMAZING, Dina!" Pauleen cheered, "I'm so happy I got to battle you!"

"Thanks Pauleen!" Dina murmured and blushed faintly.

The two walked out of the arena, and met up with Rupert in the lobby. Rupert nodded at them both. After a small chat, Pauleen was chased away by some rabid fanboys, leaving Rupert and Dina alone.

"Dina, there's something I should tell you about the.. joke.."

Dina tilted her head. "What is it-"

Dino cut into their conversation quickly with, "Hey, how's my buddies? We doing good over here?" An evil smile spread across his face from ear to ear.

Rupert sighed, "Ugh. You just HAD to barge in with no matters whatsoever, didn't you, Dino?"

"We're doing fine!" Dina answered, "Rupert was about to tell me something."

"It's probably not important at all!" Dino laughed with a wink at Rupert. "Come on! Pauleen and Todd wants us to come to the Dining Hall!"

Rupert started shaking and steaming with anger, clenching his fists. He knew what Dino planned to do, and he seemed to be successful. "Can't I just tell you first, Dina?"

"No time! We're all hungry!" Dino smirked.

Dina was about to open her mouth before being interrupted by Rupert. "Well, I guess I am a bit hungry.. The confession can wait, I guess."

The three awkwardly traveled to the dining hall, and Rupert attempted to grab Dina's hand. Dina shot him a suspicious glare during his attempt, so he made no more tries. He whispered to himself, "I must tell her my love and my wish.. Because tomorrow's the day of the Final.."

Chapter 6Edit

  The morning sun shined bright into Dina's opening eyes. Rupert was sitting next to her on the bed, and Dino was shaking Dina with a lot of force.

  "DINNAAA! GETTT UPPPP SLEEPYHEADDD!" Dino loudly attempted to charmingly wake her up, but received a punch to the face from the angry, awoken one.

  "Shutt uppp.." Dina murmured as she rubbed her eyes, "I'm still SLEEEPPYY."

  Rupert nudged her slightly and cutely stated, "Tonight's the final. You didn't forget, right?"

  "No.." Dina sighed as she stretched. "Why are you two so close to me right now? I'm not that cute when I sleep."

  "I beg to differ." Dino laughed, stroking his sore cheek. Dina crawled slowly into the closet and locked the door.

  Rupert stared at the door silently, he had a worried aura surrounding him. Dino caught on. "Hey, Rupert, you okay?"

  "I feel like something bad is going to happen.. Don't you feel the ground shaking..?" Rupert replied. Dino responded with a head shake. Rupert yawned and sighed, "Probably my imagination then.."


  Later, the patrol team gathered at Joe's Office. Dina kept shivering, until she broke the silence. "The ground's shaking.."

  Todd tilted his head and Rupert perked up. Dino was puzzled, "Huh!? How come you two feel shaking? Does anyone else-"

  The ground started to shake even more, and now Pauleen, Todd, Joe, and Dino noticed the quakes. Screams of terror were heard from outside, and a beeping noise came from Joe's computer. The six swarmed around it, and Joe checked the video message that he had received.

  Don Boneyard's skull face appeared on the screen, and he made his signature evil laugh, followed by his declarations. "Why, hello, Patrol Team and Joe. We're here to let you know that we've began to SINK THE ISLANDS! Muahahhaha! Evacuate the people, then despairingly watch the islands drown to the ocean floor!"

  The message stopped there.

  "Dagnabbit!" Joe clenched his fists and shook with anger. "That darn Boneyard! There's gotta be a way to stop him. Any o' you pards know any experts on this here island?"

  Dina nodded, "Professor Scatterly would know!" She dashed into the elevator, and returned with the professor.

  "I've noticed the quakes, wot wot!" Professor Scatterly panted, "And I know the cure to our pesky problem!"

  "What are you waiting for, sir? Tell us!" Rupert urged.

  "We'll need the calcium from a Sardinisaurus! I remember him being found in mainly water-filled areas… I'll give the reasons later."

  Pauleen jumped, "Wait, isn't that Petrified Woods area at Ribular in a huuggee lake, diga? Maybe we can find him there, digadig!"

  Dina walked over to the professor and took the challenge of finding the Sardinisaurus. "I'll go look. Hey, Pauleen, wanna come with me?"

  "Surely, diga!"

  The two flew over to Ribular Island, and ran to the Petrified woods. Huge stree-shaped shells were scattered across the lake, making a pathway to a big shell-like hut in the heart of the lake. Pauleen grabbed Dina's hands, and they cautiously leaped across the intervals of water between the shells, until they walked into the hut. Dina and Pauleen kept clicking their sonars, but nothing came up on the screens. Then, Dina noticed some vines in the back of the hut. "Wait, Pauleen, Look! There's light coming from where those vines are!"

  "Let's climb up, diga!"

  They reached the top and clicked their sonars. Tons of fossil signs appeared on the screens as the two smiled. They dug up each one, until Dina came across a weird, small, fish-shaped skeleton. "I think I found him! Let's go back."

  Back at Joe's Office, Dina gave the skeleton to Joe, and with a needle, he extracted calcium into three different syringes. "Now, tell me, Professor, why do I need three syringes? Why do we need calcium?"

  "Oh, yes!" Professor Scatterly nodded as he remembered, "The spinal pillars, which are made of calcium, are under the islands and support them. If we can insert calcium before it's too late, the pillars can grow back."

  "That makes sense now!" Todd giggled. "So, should we all get going?"

  "Wait! How are we gonna get down into the ocean?!" Dino questioned.

  Pauleen smiled, "Oh, yeah, diga! You weren't in the Bonehemoth, were you, diga? Well, I tamed him and made him a nice little boy, digadig. He can get us diga-down to the bottom."

  Todd cheered, "Yayy, Pauleen! You're good at being one step ahead!"

  Joe gave a syringe to Dina, Rupert, and Pauleen. "Here, and good luck pards!"

  At Icegrip Plateau, Pauleen whistled, and the Bonehemoth rised to the surface and opened his mouth. The patrol team walked in, and he closed his mouth.

  Pauleen sighed, "Ugh.. Sorry for the smell.. diga.." She apologized as Rupert and Dina silently gagged at the stench, and Todd and Dino covered their noses.

  "So, how'll we get down..?" Rupert looked at Pauleen. "I'd like to get over with this so I don't vomit."

  "From what I've gathered.." Pauleen began, "If he's tickled, he'll go deeper. Can any of you.. Tickle.. Well, digadig..?"

  Todd backed up behind Dina, but she smirked and side stepped to show him off. "Todd's not bad."

  ".. Heh.. Yay?" Todd uncertainly responded to her remark. He grabbed into his pocket and pulled out a stick. "Here we go.."

  Everyone awkwardly gazed as Todd slowly rubbed the stick's point on the gushy walls. "Heh.. Heh.. Tickle? Tickle..?" More quakes were felt as the whale dived deeper and deeper, and he made it to each of the spinal pillars with Pauleen's directions. Pauleen, Rupert, and Dina went off to each of the pillars, and Todd and Dino stayed in the whale, much to their dismay.


  Dina walked into the cave of the Ribular Spinal Pillar. She pulled down her goggles to see the distance, and saw Cole and some henchmen mining out the pillar. Dina sneaked up behind them before snidely challenging them. "Oh, look, it's the goons again. Are the babies gonna cry and wail now that I'm here? Maybe run away?"

  "You've got quite a hard head for a girl." Cole angrily replied. "You're all just girly airheads."

  "Me? An airhead?" Dina jokingly questioned as she knocked on her head. "Nope. Looks like I've got a skull and brain in there." She smirked as she pulled out her Teffla, Edapho, and Bulgon.

  Cole took out B-Rex, B-Plesio, and B-Brachio and sent them out. Dina released her vivosaurs. Teffla soared into the air, then rammed into B-Plesio, knocking him out on impact. Edapho launched itself at B-Brachio, but B-Rex caught Edapho in his fangs and smashed her into the opposite wall. B-Brachio smacked Edapho with his tail, and she limply landed in front of Dina.

  "You'll be okay, Edapho.." Dina comfortingly pet Edapho's skin and tapped a gold fossil onto Edapho's head. Edpaho was surrounded in a green tornado, then emerged as a Geneos. She smacked B-Rex with her tail and he went back into his dino medal from the excessive damage. Bulgon snook behind B-Brachio, grabbed his tail, and swung him in circles until releasing him into a wall. B-Brachio was knocked out.

  Cole cringed in terror. "N-No! This pretty, little, mermaid demon beat my boneysaurs again! Noo!" Cole leaped into the BareBones submarine, followed by his minions, and they drove the submarine away. Dina looked on with a smirk. "What wimps."

  The Bonehemoth approached the cave, and opened his mouth. Dina cheerfully climbed in, and met up with the others. She whispered to Pauleen about the "girly airhead" comment, and Pauleen began to steam and stomp. "WHAT A LOUSY, LITTLE WUSSY, DIGADIGGG!" Pauleen screamed in fury.


  They made it back safely to Joe's office, and Joe congratulated them. "Good going, pards!"

  "Well, thanks to everyone, it looks like we've got another day on the island!" Dino smiled.

  Joe nodded before stating, "Alright, pards, sorry to bother, but I have another mission for you. We were able to track down where the BareBones Brigade hideout is. We were wondering if you could go."

  Four of them happily nodded, but Todd nervously shot looks at all of them. "Eh.. Eh!?" He whispered to himself quietly.

  "Sadly, they stole our submarines, and the helicopters are all used up.." Joe looked down at the ground.

  Dina held up her Geneos medal. "Here's the solution!"

  The patrol team dashed to the docks, and all of them boarded onto Geneos. This would be a big battle, and not all of them were ready.