There are 37 documented species of Fire Vivosaurs as of date, of the 37 species of Fire Vivosaurs 28 of them are carnivorous. Fire Vivosaurs tend to have powerful attacks and are in the attack class. Fire Vivosaurs work better on Earth Vivosaurs because their attacks are too powerful for their defenses and are weaker on Water Vivosaurs because Water Vivosaurs have the willpower to endure their attacks.

Shared PsychologyEdit

All Fire Vivosaurs have some level of pyrokenesis and a flame sack and as mentioned before most are carnivorous.


Most Fire Vivosaurs are hot-headed, rash, and love to fight though there are some exceptions, for example Maia hates to fight and prefers to heal others. Fire Vivosaurs are also very friendly to allies and Fossil Fighters and also know their limits around small children.

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