Justyn Landi is a side character in Storm's Brewing. He debuts in "Chapter 13: Volcanic Carno-val" and appears in Rainbow Canyon, near the BB Grotto.

Personality Edit

A reckless and overconfident young boy, he usually acts without thinking of consequences, even in battle. Despite his carelessness, he is smart, and a force to be reckoned with. He is a bit mischievous, and is known to break rules every now and then (See his debut in Storm's Brewing), even going so far as to sneak into a dig site before it is publicly available, and he even steals things (usually baked good such as cookies and brownies), though he always gives them back something of equal value. He has the ability to foresee events, but only if they are going to occur in the near future, say later in the week or in a few minutes. When he puts his mind to something, though, and really wants to finish it, he will be very determined to do so, even if it means asking help from a random passerby, though he will try to do it himself at all costs. He isn't the most... agreeable person, but is a very kind person once you get to know him. For whatever reason, he's really into the Fairy Tail anime.


Mother:Lia Landi ,former fossil center receptionist

Siblings: None

Other Relatives: ???






14 Years Old



Starter Vivosaur:


Vivosaurs on Hand:

T-Rex Lord, U-Raptor, Kaishin, Nycto Ace, Teffla


Cleaning, Battling, Pokemon, Fairy Tail


Water, getting dirty, obeying dumber rules

He is able to foresee future events. He wears a white hoodie with green lower half and half-green sleeves,and a red shirt underneath. He has a belt and a necklace,the belt sporting an emerald as a belt buckle and a ruby pendant on the necklace.These allow Justyn to ensure air and fire vivosuars that he is trustworthy(see Elemental Jewels ) He also carries around a red sword made of a material unknown to that world. He has no idea where it came from, but he claims it fell from the sky, and he noticed a small purple hole closing up. He wears a white pants that never seem to get dirty. He is very cocky and is both a strategist and a reckless fighter at different time,the teams differing for each.His mother is extremeley athletic,and he had her train him. He is very fast and agile,and when his Nycto Ace catches him with its legs ,Ace does a backspin,flinging Justyn off.He then lands perfectly on the neck-torso joint.He is rarely defeated, the only time was when he was defeated by his brother. The only other person he has been defeated by (He hasn't been beaten yet, but he will.) is a Water user with a Mental bond with their vivosaurs,as he foresees a loss against Damon when they first meet.He cannot, however, foresee losses otherwise.


Vivosaur Species Personality/Trivia Super Fossil Rank
U-Raptor-Battle.png Utahraptor U-Raptor is Justyn's first vivosaur,and a special U-Raptor.His venom is slightly more powerful,but the claws are rather dull.It has established a mental bond with Justyn and has injured itself in an act to protect Justyn. None 6
Teffla-Battle.png Tefflaceras Unique to Justyn's vivosaurs,this Teffla was tamed in the wild as it is now,a Teffla. As a result,it is unknown whether or not it has a miraculous fossil attached. ??? 4
T-Rex_Lord-Battle.png Tyrannosaurus Lord This was Justyn's fourth Vivosaur,and the most powerful.When Inferno Liz(as Justyn often calls it,due to its female gender)is strongly Defiant,and sometimes refuses to strike,so he makes another vivosaur of his attack it to slap some sense into it.Their bond slightly grows outside of battle. Miraculous 3
Nycto_Ace-Battle.png Nyctoaserius Ace(his name) was Justyn's second vivosaur,saving him from deadly falls numerous times. Much like Liz, he was once very defiant, but their bond has grown and they're great pals now (Yay, Friendship) Miraculous 4
Kaishin-Battle.png Kaishinorasmus While walking along the edge of the cliff in Rainbow Canyon,Justyn slips off the side.He manages to get Ace out,but opon Ace's catch, his wings break 5 feet from the ground,in the Blue Canyon.He lands,Justyn has to stay there for a few days, gets a crapload of fossils (8),half of them being a comlpete Elasmo.He only gets 50 points on each.He then uses one of the found Miraculous rocks on it. Miraculous 4


Items that have a specific customization or use to them. Standard items or those given out by Cup management are not included in this list.

Item Name Description Origin
Pickaxe Pickaxe A pickaxe custom made by Justyn. The main color is orange, and it features a dragon coiling down the handle, as well as Rocks along the head of the pickaxe, leading to the tips. It also sports a Aquamarine in the middle of the head. Debut
White Pants Pants A pair of white pants that never seem to get dirty or wear out. Debut
Sneakers Shoes A pair of sneakers.They never seem to wear out. Debut
Air Fossil Belt Emerald Belt A special belt with an emerald buckle,formed when the first Air dinosaur evolved.It heightens the chance of the wielder finding Air fossils. Debut

Fire Fossil Necklace

Ruby Necklace

A special necklace with a ruby pendant,formed when the first Fire dinosaur evolved.It heightens the chances of the holder finding Fire Fossils.

Water Fossil Pillar Sapphire Handle A special handle formed when the first Water dinosaur evolved.It heightens the chances of the holder finding Water Fossils.It seems to be a machine part of some sort... To be revealed
Earth Fossil Pillar Peridot Handle A special handle formed when the first Earth dinosaur evolved.It heightens the chances of the holder finding Earth Fossils.It seems to be a machine part of some sort... to be revealed
Nuclear Engine Hover Engine A mechanical engine that allows the machine it is hooked up to to hover up to 2 ft.above the ground.It appears to be a machine part of some sort... To be revealed
Steel Plates Scrap Metal Scrap metal,like that found on a car,shaped into an unusual way.It appears to be a machine part of some sort... To be revealed
3DS XL 3DS A 3DS handheld console. Typically, Justyn uses it in conjunction with his game cartridges. Debut
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Game Cartridge Pokemon Alpha Sapphire A game cartridge containing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Used in conjunction with his 3DS. ? ? ? ? ?
Pokemon X Game Cartridge Pokemon X A game cartridge containing Pokemon X. Used in conjunction with his 3DS. Debut
Pokemon Sun Game Cartridge Pokemon Sun A game cartridge containing Pokemon Sun. Used in conjunction with his 3DS. Nov. 18, 2016

Interaction with other CharactersEdit


Damon:A short encounter where Justyn assaulted Damon after Damon found him illegally exploring Rainbow Canyon. Slade was tossed into him in battle, and he fell off into a ravine. Fortunately Ace manged to save his life.



















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