This is the events of Storm's Brewing from Justyn's perspective. It will not overlap until chapter 20, I presume...

However this is currently marked as AU (as an alternate universe from Storm's Brewing).

Chapter 1-The Caliosteo Fossil ParkEdit

I was watching a video of a fossil battle on YouTube when my mom called me downstairs.

"Justyn! Can you come down to the living room for a second?"

Wondering why she called me, I closed my computer and went downstairs. To my surprise, Stella, the Staff Leader on Ribular Island, was sitting on the couch.

"Aren't you...? If you are, why are you here...?"

I had a speculation that I would get a Vivosaur, but that was a fantasy for me since Kindergarten. But if not that reason, then why...?

"I have 5 Dino Medals here. Your mom told me that you wanted to be a Fossil Fighter since you were 5, so I grabbed some decent Starter Vivosaurs and came here. Pick one!"

I looked at the medals, each about the size of a poker chip, and realized I was choosing between a Utahraptor, Pentaceratops, Protoceratops, Velociraptor and Afrovenator. I picked the only Fire Type, U-Raptor, and nicknamed it Slade.

"I don't know what to say! I...I...." I fainted.

I was just regaining consciousness, and I realized I was on a helicopter.

"Wha-? Am I dreaming?"<p>"Nope. Check your pocket. There's some real life proof in there." Stella was saying, apparently from the cockpit. I reached into my pocket, and I pulled out a U-Raptor Dino Medal.<p>I ask Stella where we're going, she just points to the window. I look out and see the Caliosteo Islands. We were landing on Ribular.<p>"I don't believe it!" This week was one miracle after another!<p>"So, why are we going here?" I asked Stella.<p>"Register for the Caliosteo Cup, why don't you?"<p>"..."<p>"Let's just have you meet your roommates, Trickster and Robert."<p>"Huh, so this is the Ribular Fossil Center."<p>I was walking down the hall, when Stella stopped me in front of room 129.<p>"This is your dorm. Robert is inside, but Trickster's at the Guild."<p>"Ok." I say as I step inside.<p>"Huh. So you're Justyn Landi, am I right?" I get greeted by a boy with red hair, grey eyes, and a white jacket. "Stella's said a bit about you."<p>"Hm? Why's that?" I had no idea of why Stella would speak of me.<p>"You don't know why? Check the bulletin board in her office, then. It shows candidates and info on them." *Door Clicks* "Huh? Are you Justyn?" A boy with scarlet hair about the same age as Robert, asks me. Before I could respond, my vision went white. I saw something, which seemed like a streak of super luck, happening to Trickster. "Uhhhh.......Are you OK?" I heard that once my senses were coming to. "Yeah, I'm fine. You're going to be very lucky in your first dig site visit." "Umm....Okay." Trickster seemed a little weirded out,but there's no denying what I saw was the future.

Chapter 2- Vivosaur ChatEdit

I woke up after registering the night before, then I went to go brush my teeth. As I grabbed my toothbrush, I heard a soft voice say my name.

"Who's there?"

"Check your pocket."

I reach into my pocket, pulling out Slade's Dino Medal.

"Could you not store me in your pocket? It seems a little off, and it's awfully stuffy in there."

I couldn't tell if it was really Slade talking or if it was some prank pulled by someone else. I noticed that my Ruby pendant was glowing, and as if he could read my mind, Slade stated, "That is what is allowing you to hear me, and what is making me sure you are trustworthy."

"Right... I think my mom told me and Karen about a legend related to these special gems..." I recalled, also citing my Emerald belt.

"Mm-hm. Now, pointless chatter aside, head to Stella's office. There's a gift for you on the desk."

"Umm... Ok."

I brush my teeth, then go down to the Staff Leader's office. I see a present box, with red wrapping paper. I read the tag.

From: Mom

To: Justyn

This might come in handy for storing your Dino Medals, and it has a scabbard for that sword of yours. Thought I didn't notice it was missing?

I was surprised that she realized my ruby sword was missing, but she's practically a ninja- both mentally and in athletics.

Then I opened it. Inside, I see a belt with 5 Dino Medal slots.

Right then, Stella entered the room. "So, I see you've found one of the packages your mother sent you."

"One of them?"

"Yes. Just let me take out the other one..."

Chapter 3- Some Dangerous Aerial Stunting Edit

She walked over to a nearby cupboard, and used a sparkly green key to unlock it. She pulled out a red wrapped box, and put it down on the desk.

I look at the box, then slowly open it up.

Inside, I see a belt with 5 Dino Medal slots, a Paleopager, a hexagonal fossil rock, and a green fossil rock.

"What's this?" I say, looking at the hexagonal rock.

"It's a Miraculous Fossil Rock. Clean the green one first, then use the Miraculous Fossil on it."


(Beep boop boop beep)

Treasure Lake is now open to all Cup Candidates, and registration is now closed.

Happy fossil hunting!

(Boop beep beep boop)

"Well, you better get going." Stella says.

"Well, I'm going to go now! Tell my mom I said thanks for the stuff!"

As I was walking down the corridor to the cleaning room, I felt the ground start to shake.

"Wh-what i-is h-happening-g-g-g-g??????"

I saw a vivosaur, perhaps a Carno or Cerato, but it was hard to tell, rolling down the hall and I panicked. I quickly threw out Slade.

"Quick! Break the window!!!"

Slade gave me a questioning glance, then said, "Uh...why would I do that?" I pointed down the hall at the rampaging vivosaur, and Slade smashed the window as soon as it saw it.

Without thinking about the shards of tiny glass, I jumped out the window. Then, as I landed on the soft soil, a huge sonic boom started to reverberate over the island, and a large figure zoomed over my head, most likely almost shattering the light barrier. Thus the winds were stronger than that of a hurricane, and I was literally blown away. I was being dragged by the wind gust, and when I looked down, saw nothing but blue. I was above the ocean. One wrong move, and I could plummet to my doom. Slade had returned to the medal form, and I snagged him out of the air.

"How is this even possible? This is breaking every law of science I can think of..."

"Please tell me we're on dry land... Sweet, sweet dry land..."

"Far from it, Slade... we're hovering at least 300 feet above the ocean."

"......................................................................................................................................We're going to die, aren't we?"

"Don't think like that, Slade! I see Cranial Isle approaching fast. If we fall, I'll just swim to shore, and then we'll explain to Terry what happened, then he'll bring us back to Ribular Island."

The wind gust started to stir, and Slade started to panic."Oh god, oh god, oh god... Sweet Mesozoic, let us live!!!!

"Even if I were to die you would still be alive, Slade."

"This can't be the end, this can't be the end!!!!!!!" Slade was saying in a panic as though completely oblivious to what I had said, and then the wind stopped. I started falling.

Chapter 4- Rubicon and Professor ScatterlyEdit

As I was falling, Slade was still in a panic. I was thinking, It's been fun while it lasted...but everyone has their time... Here comes mine. Then, right before I belly flopped, I landed on a vivosaur. It was fuzzy, so I knew it was a pterosaur. I adjusted myself to an upright position, then opened my eyes. I was looking at the back of a kid a few years older than me- 15, perhaps? He turned around suddenly. "You've got some serious explaining to do," his voice softens "...though I guess that can wait. How are you, any major injuries?

"Nah, I'm good. Tha-" then I leaned over to vomit.

The boy up front groaned and urged the vivosaur on to Cranial Isle. Not that I was really paying attention, I was probably vomiting for a solid 3 minutes. The whole time, Slade was groaning, "Next battle I'm in, I'm going to throw up..."

"Good god, Slade! You're not going to throw up..."

"Speak for yourself..."

"I've BEEN throwing up, you dingus!"

It was a few minutes later when the pterasaur- it seemed to be a Jara- slowed down, and took a perch behind Cranial City.

"Good job Jan, best landing we've had all week, especially so considering the... unexpected cargo." He turned towards me. "Alright, how on Earth or beyond did you get yourself into that situation? And for that matter, what's your name?"

A bit dumbfounded, I replied, "I'm Justyn, and I honestly have NO idea how I got up there... Who are you, and why did you save me?"

"You can call me Rubicon. I saved you because I was in the area and had time to react. You should consider yourself lucky- a crash at that speed would've been mondo forza G. No coming back from that, so we took a quick detour- intercepted you a good one. Right thing to do, yeah?"

"Point taken..." though not really. I missed about half of what he said between my somersaulting stomach, the speed of his jabbering- and my ears were popping from the pressure change.

"Just hope it didn't set me back too far. Gotta client over here and my boss can't stand it when I'm late. Hate to save and run, but if you've really got nothing else to tell me about how you went terminal over Coracoid Channel with the Cannons out of commish, io vado."


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