Justyn's Sister Karen




11 Years Old

Specialty type:


Starter Vivosaur:


Vivosaurs on Hand:

Cryo, Seidon, c:Fossilfighters:Raja, Brachio, Menchi


Reading,Napping,streaming on Youtube,MLP


Dirt, Hair being mussed with, beat downs



she is often seen wearing a red jumpsuit,unless she's taking a nap.Karen has no super special talents in the class of her brother Justyn's visions.She just has a way of bonding with her vivosaurs in a short time period.This allows her to form mental bonds quicker,but she hasn't come close.Not as close as her brother.She has a youtube account,but ALWAYS uses her brother's Wikia account.ALWAYS.


Items that have a specific customization or use to them. Standard items or those given out by Cup management are not included in this list.

Item Name Description Origin
Pickaxe Pickaxe Karen's Custom-made Pickaxe. The main color is brown, and it features a dragon coiling down the handle, as well as Rocks along the head of the pickaxe, leading to the tips. It also sports a Aquamarine in the middle of the head. Debut
Sneakers Shoes A pair of blue sneakers.They never seem to wear out. Debut


  • She likes to nap more than anyone she knows.
  • She has gotten in trouble for sleeping in on school days...
  • Justyn has gotten so sick of her naps being 2-5 hours in time length,that he kicked he out of the bed to wake her up.And she sleeps on the top bunk.
  • Although her specialty type is earth,she FRICKEN' HATES DIRT.

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