Rubicon (JSAU)
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15 (at time of FFC events)


March 19th

Specialty Type:


Starter Vivosaur:


Standard Team:

Jara, Penta, Aopteryx, Tro, O-Raptor


Apato, Aopteryx, Aopteryx, B-Jara


Stealth, Technology, Fossil Cleaning


Introspection, Quantum Mechanics

"Just hope it didn't set me back too far. Gotta client over here and my boss can't stand it when I'm late. Hate to save and run, but if you've really got nothing else to tell me about how you went terminal over Coracoid Channel with the Cannons out of commish, io vado."

-Rubicon, hurriedly explaining to Justyn Landi explaining why he's got to go.

Reuben Adrian (a.k.a. Rubicon Adriatico, Rube, Rubester, etc.) is a fictional character who has appeared in Justyn's Story. This character is to be considered separate from the one starring in Uncrossing the Rubicon.


Appearance: White with a hint of Pacific Islander, Hazel eyes, often seen hauling a backpack full of various supplies and trinkets. He tries to stay well-groomed, but he travels fairly often and can't always spare the time. He often wears neutral-colored clothes (because he's red-green colorblind), and seems to be particularly fond of a black-gray windbreaker.

Personality: A fairly well-adjusted teenager, he usually very rarely acts before weighing the decision unless immediate action is required. He is smart but not always clever, and though he can hold his own in Fossil Battles (especially while using his own tactics) he generally tries to avoid such confrontations unless he's out to kill time. He breaks rules every so often mostly to prove to himself he can, limiting larceny and the like to only NPCs. He's generally good-tempered, but he's reserved and almost furtive; much of this owes to his occupation.


Jan is confirmed, as will be the Aopteryx, Tro and Penta established for the Mesozoic Mayhem canon, as the two stories presumably take place in the same AU.


Similar to Uncrossing the Rubicon, but with key differences

(Translation: I'm still too lazy to write a full summary. Besides, it wouldn't be concrete yet.)

Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Justyn - Rubicon sees Justyn as a young kid who fell into his lap one day while he was running an errand for his boss at the BB Brigade. He has no idea how or why he was flung at supersonic speeds but saved his life anyway. He gets the feeling that this is a special guy indeed, and hopes he can cross paths with him again some time.

Mia - Mia is Reuben's older sister. She acts as a mentor/authority figure to him. He can't understand why she's such a spendthrift, but he genuinely loves her.


Items that have a specific customization or use to them. Standard items or those given out by Cup management are not included in this list. Brace yourself, this is going to be a moderate list.


  • Rubicon was created by E4439Qv5 for Storm's Brewing.
    • However, he refuses to stay there, and will try to appear in other Fossil Fighters Fanfictions whenever he can. This here is a perfect example.