Seth Galloway




~23 Years





Starter Vivosaur:


Vivosaurs on Hand:

Camara, Gorgo, Ourano, Chasmo







Seth Galloway is a fictional character who appears in Primrose Path.


His red-brown hair is a bit long, but neatly groomed. His bangs are long and obscure his left eye and forehead. His eyes are an intense hazel green, which are framed by rectangular, gold rimmed glasses. He wears yellow turtleneck underneath a deep green peacoat. The pea coat is accented with four golden buttons. His pants are dark red-brown, somewhat similar to his hair. He also wears green and white converse sneakers with golden-yellow laces to match his pea coat.


Experienced and somewhat fashion conscious, he is easygoing and tries to be reserved. While intelligent, he feels that one must not rest on their laurels. Because of this, he is more than happy to learn any new approach to an old idea. He appears to be fairly polite and tries to remain level headed even in the most absurd of situations. His slight air of formality may be attributed to the fact that he's come to the islands for an assignment from his employeers.


An experienced Fossil Fighter and employee of RED, though he prefers to keep quiet about his employment. Because RED had implemented new rules a mere week before the Caliosteo Cup, Seth was sent to the Caliosteo Islands to observe whether or not the new rules would be enforced correctly. He appears to be pleased with the results and seems to be sticking around for his own enjoyment.


Currently in Primrose Path:

Vivosaur Species Personality Super Fossil
Camara-Battle.png Camara Camara is docile and cares deeply for Seth. She is gentle, relaxed, and usually slow moving, though her attacks are executed with strength and elegance. None
Gorgo-Battle.png Gorgo Information unavailable at this time. None
Ourano-Battle.png Ourano Information unavailable at this time. None
Chasmo-Battle.png Chasmo Information unavailable at this time. None


Item Name Description Origin
SethGlasses Gold Framed Glasses A small pair of golden, expensive looking square framed glasses by the Japanese designer label "Inaba." Prior to Ch. 4
SethREDBadge RED Agent Badge A badge meant to show one's affiliation with RED. It has a stylized dragon emblem. Prior to Ch. 4

Interaction with Other CharactersEdit

Azalea - Having met her during the tutorial, Seth offers to teach her a few things about Fossil Fighting. He doesn't seem to mind that Azalea's decided to tag along.

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