The EX-Chapters of Storm's Brewing are chapters that, while they cannot stand as a story in their own right, do not offer much to the main plot of SB. Therefore, they have been labeled with the Chapter EX name, and will be posted on this page. These chapters will most likely be to celebrate certain significant dates, including the anniversary of SB.

Chapter EX-1: Time is a Weird ThingEdit

"I feel like it's already been a year here, even though it's only been a few weeks." I mentioned while I lay on the couch with Thea, all the while tapping buttons on the controller in my hand.

"I know what you mean. I'm so comfortable here, it's like I've lived here for a long time." She replied, trying to beat me as we moved through the stage. We weren't racing like we usually did, but it's hard not to compete with the other player. A couple of minutes later and I set down the controller having reached the end of the stage.

"Why don't we invite people over, I feel like celebrating."

Thea looked at me strangely. "Celebrating?"

"Yeah, celebrating. Plus there's a pretty neat story I have to tell."

"Alright then, why not?"

A couple of phone calls and a bit of typing in the Wiki chat had us all going down to the Ribular Soda Shoppe for a little party.

"Hey guys!" I called as they walked through the door. We all sat down and ordered, and I decided to tell them my story to pass the time. "Alright, so I had this really weird dream…"

"You didn't have any Melon Spuds, did you? Last time you had those, you had a really weird dream. Something about a girl named Jenna, nonexistent Vivosaurs, a high school, and Thunder Bones."

"No, no. Not like that one. It was almost as if I was in a parallel dimension. Or dimensions." Everyone sat as I proceeded to tell my tale. "Okay, so first off, I was back at home, back when I found Carno. Everything was exactly the same, except that Bob was named Anthony, and he had a Pachrino rather than his Venator. But yeah, all the events were the same, letting the Cerato go, Joe giving me Carno…"

"Dude, you let a Cerato you had a type advantage against escape?" Celestial stared at Bob, and everyone else's gaze followed.

"Look, I've already heard this, so can we move on?" Bob tried to get everyone's attention off of him. However, everyone was so intent on hearing his reasoning, he sighed and finally spoke. "Okay, so I was a bit over confident going into that battle. So when the Cerato headed for the woods, I wasn't paying attention."

Everyone laughed, before I continued. "But that's not the end of it. After that, I was at home filling out forms for the Caliosteo Cup, even though that was two years before this Cup was even started. But I remember that day, and I was most certainly not filling out Cup forms. Then I seemed to have landed here. And your name, Candyse, was Kelsey for some reason. But a few days later, it was all of a sudden Malarie."

Primacron looked at her, and she shrugged. "Those are some good ideas for an alias." She laughed and asked me to continue.

"Okay, so we were at Mt. Krakanak, Carno chased me down a mountain, and then, instead of Nathan asking Thea out, she found a two for one special on quadruple scoop ice cream at the local shop and didn't help me with the TV thing."

"Well sorry you couldn't wait in the square for the thing to appear." She hugged on to Nathan, and everyone, myself included, laughed at my experience. At this moment, our orders were placed on the table. It was a few silent moments before Thea spoke again. "So, keep going."

"Alright. The next part of the dream involved you, Rubicon." He gave an interested look at me. "Yeah, you were masquerading as a guy named Brutus and you had a Vivosaur similar to your Jara, except completely made of green bones, a Tricera-like Vivosaur that had swords for horns, and some sort of red mechanical insect. Not only that, but you had a bandana and a bone suit on. Then, Bob popped out of the ice you were standing on, you mentioned something about a white Domo thing, whatever that is, and Bob commented on your Jara made of bones. Oh, and a giant yellow whale disappeared in the background."

"A Jara made of bones, eh? Pretty interesting concept, I'd say." He seemed to be thinking about something, though, and said nothing else.

"Anyways, then we got to something about Deltri. Who happens to be here now, hey!"

We all looked at the door, and Deltri strolled in. "Sorry I'm late guys, just finished getting my pickaxe fixed because of that stupid boulder that was at Mt. Krakanak the other day. I did get the message on the Wiki, though." He adjusted his fedora before continuing. "So, what'd I miss?"

"Oh, nothing, just a weird dream without melon spuds, Bob being Anthony, Caliosteo Cup forms, Candyse being Kelsey or Malarie, Rubicon in a bone suit with a bone Jara, and a giant yellow whale." Brandon exhaled slightly.

"Dang. Nice recap." Tim mentioned, still looking at him in shock.

"Any who," I continued the story while everyone stared at Brandon, "Deltri showed up, and there was this whole stunt where his name was Delta, and he had a Delta as his Vivosaur, and his friend's name was Trip, but not Trip Cera, mind you, though this Trip did have a Tricera. Delta the person was also a former champion, and kept trying to get rid of Delta the Vivosaur through various means, although it somehow kept coming back to him. Oh, and then Trip's name changed to Dizzy."

"All the name changes." Nathan shook his head, and Thea took this chance to playfully ruffle his hair.

"And then, Bob and this Deltri who was Delta met, and then Delta spouted this whole story, and then started talking about a blog, and finally, at the end, Bob stated some capitals." Once again, the focus was on Bob, and he looked pretty uncomfortable, so I kept going. "Then I was somehow looking over a tournament roster that had all our names on it. But Celestial and Nathan couldn't make sense of it. And Jonathan was holding a weird spiky prism."

Jonathan shrugged. "Probably not the weirdest thing I've ever had."

I was on a roll now, so I kept my story going. "So then there was this silhouette which changed from a person with red eyes to a Nodo, and then to a guy with a cloak, and finally some dragon dinosaur human thing. After that, the figure disappeared, and a star came crashing down in the middle of Ribular. He looked just like Kirby, except blue and twice as big. He had a myriad of Vivosaurs, some I've seen and many I don't, and one he had dubbed Shurizen or something. Then he turned himself into a Vivosaur, all the others turned into medals, and he flew away. And that's about it."

"A giant, blue Kirby?" Azalea raised an eyebrow.

"That's what it looked like to me. Oh, and after he flew away, a bunch of people joined us, some who I don't recognize, some who I kinda do, but don't remember their names. And yeah, that's about it."

"Wow, some dream."

"I know, I'm surprised I got that all in one night."

"So we came here to hear you talk about a dream?" Azalea looked like she half expected me to say yes.

"Nah, that was just something interesting to tell. We're just here to have fun. I feel like celebrating. After all, the Cup is almost half over, and though not all of us made it, we're still here, enjoying ourselves on the islands. So why not?"

Everyone smiled, grabbed their various sodas, and held them up for a toast. Celestial headed for the Jukebox in the corner, and I pulled Rubicon aside.

I looked at him seriously before talking. "Look, I dunno whether you're involved with the Brigade or not. But whatever the answer may be, know that I'm still your friend, okay? So don't let that whole thing get to you, I saw it on your face after I mentioned the part of the dream involving you. And don't worry, I won't let anyone else know about it."

"Alright man, you got it." He smiled, and we rejoined the party. I discreetly dropped a note on the front counter that this was going on a tab and I would pay it as soon as possible, then picked up a few more sodas and a cup with a really elaborate straw that held Celestial's signature drink, the Double Derps. Bringing them back to the table, I set the drinks down, kicked back, and let my Vivosaurs roam. They were allowed in the Shoppe, provided they could behave themselves, and they did. For once, even Carno didn't cause any trouble. It simply rested against the Jukebox and slept quite peacefully. The rest of the Vivosaurs in the room just mingled, careful to be small enough so as not to knock anything over. Tricera seemed to be in deep conversation with Jiango, although I couldn't hear the latter. Meanwhile, Proto was sitting atop Alexis, Thea's Argento walking around and being quite patient with the small cetatopsian. I looked around, and sighed contentedly. It was nice to relax, especially with all that had happened recently. Halfway through the celebration, though, I saw Rubicon talking to the Shoppe's manager.

I walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, what was that all about?"

"Oh, nothing." He replied. "The bill for this is taken care of." I looked at him, and he continued. "The manager owes me a favor. Just treat it as my apology for leaving early."

"What? You're going already?"

"Yeah, duty calls. Unfortunately. Seems like you made quite a mess, and Ray's been on edge a bit lately, so I really do have to go."

"Really, really sorry about that."

"Ah, don't worry. I'm pretty sure most of that was Alistair's fault anyways. I put two and two together, and I assume he asked you to do that?"

"More like forced me to."

"Well, either way. Anyway, I do have to go." He then addressed the rest of the group as well. "Sorry guys, but I have to go now. I'll be seeing you all later!"

A couple of groans could be heard over the music, but everyone said goodbye as Rubicon walked out the front door. It took a little while, but the party continued on. The rest of us hung around for a while before we all decided it was time to go. I double checked with the manager about the payment, and then we headed out the door. Seeing that the sun was going to set soon, we decided that we'd end the night off with a little camping trip over at Treasure Lake. It was less than twenty minutes before everyone was assembled inside the Bonehead Hollow.

"So, anyone want to play a game?" Celestial suggested as we sat around the fire that had been lit.

"What kind?" I asked, wondering what she had in mind.

"Oh, nothing, just a little word game. Make a story using only one word per person, and we go around in a circle."

"Sure, why not?"

Unfortunately, the game didn't work out, as whoever was starting or had a turn kept dozing off, or wasn't paying attention, and in the end, we decided to forgo the game in favor of sleep. I laid my sleeping bag down and listened to the lapping waves a few feet away from be before my eyes closed and sleep took hold.

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