I was bored, so I made a few Miis of Storm's Brewing, Primrose Path, The Goal and Uncrossing characters.

I have face photos and QR Codes for 14 different characters. Help yourselves!

And please, let me know if you have any issues with the Miis as they stand.

Face QR Code (requires 3DS or WiiU)
Alistair Mii

Glare. It has shock value, but sure enough, you get used to it.

Alistair QR
Azalea Mii

If only scarves were possible...

Azalea QR
Bob Mii

Kept the shades because shades.

Bob QR
Burning Mii


Burning QR
Celestial Mii

I would've done braids, but the available options weren't great.

Celestial QR
Derrick Mii

Inspired by TDD's story cover.

Derrick QR
Justyn Mii

Hi, Dino Justyn!

Justyn QR
Kei Mii


Kei QR
Mia Mii

Pretty much how she looked in the drawing.

Mia QR
Michael Mii - Copy

Acknowledged spanish heritage and loss of parents. A sweet, but serious face. Twist the brows and angle the eyes, and you have your "piercing stare".

Michael QR - Copy
Ray Mii

I find his stare to be harsher than Ali's.

Ray QR
Robert Mii

Combination of Lepa's and Clef's drawings, in Mii form.

Robert QR
Rubicon Mii

Clearly the most handsome.

Rubicon QR
Savannah Mii

I also made a Dina Mii. I might be persuaded to post that on another blog.

Savannah QR
Seth Mii

I get the feeling the glasses should be a little different, but... close enough.

Seth QR
Shockwave Mii

I agree, Lepa.

Shockwave QR
Thea Mii

Does she look like an archer? 'Cause that's what I was shooting f-*shot*

Thea QR
Trickster Mii

A lot like Justyn, but with a different smile and shirt. #DinoClones

Trickster QR
Ub Mii

Guhvorn was a partial inspiration. Anyone want to touch up the eye?


If you want me to try my hand at other characters, I'm sure I can take a few requests. For science. You monsters. ;)

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