I currently have plans to create another fan fiction work titled Tales of Yaverlandius, or, alternatively, Densetsu no Tera in Japanese. This blog post will be dedicated to all original characters in the story. At least one new character will be introduced in each chapter. I'll also throw in quite a few of my own. Also, these characters must NOT have appeared in any other stories. However, I will be doing crossovers every now and then, but not frequently because I may not know how to handle it. By the way, only I dictate what happens in this particular story during crossovers. So, if you managed to get through all of that, here is the character entry format:

Name (Username): What most people call your OC (What most people refer to you as on the Web)

Age: How long your OC has lived for

Height: How tall your OC is

Weight: How much your OC weighs

Blood Type*: Self-explanitory

Other Physical Traits & Typical Attire: Any other facts about your character's physique & what they wear on a regular basis

Personality: Also self-explanitory

Likes/Dislikes: Again, self-explanitory

Origin/Background: How your character lived before the events of the story

Specialty Element: What element your character utilizes the most

Vivosaurs on Hand: The five vivosaurs your character would use in any Fossil Battle

VMM Reserves: Vivosaurs that your OC doesn't use often

Trivia: Facts worth noting about your character

  • Possible blood types are A(-/+), AB(-/+), ABO(-/+), AO(-/+), AOB(-/+), B(-/+), BA(-/+), BAO(-/+), BO(-/+), BOA(-/+), O(-/+), OA(-/+), OAB(-/+), OB(-/+), OBA(-/+), X(-/+), XY(-/+), XYZ(-/+), XZ(-/+), XZY(-/+), Y(-/+), YX(-/+), YXZ(-/+), YZ(-/+), YZX(-/+), Z(-/+), ZX(-/+), ZXY(-/+), ZY(-/+), and ZYX(-/+). Most of these are purely fictional.

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