Viola Diggins
Full Name: Viola Angela Diggins
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Black
Signature Vivosaur: None

Dr. Diggins (father)


Viola is Dr. Diggins' daughter, and as such, learned how to fossil battle at the age of 5. She acheived Master Fighter-hood at the age of 10. She can get cocky and arrogant at times, and has lost only once, to Joe Wildwest. She has traveled to the Caliosteo Islands, while her dad remained at Vivosaur Island. She, unlike her father, does not appear to use/have a signature vivosaur. Her teams vary greatly, and she interested her father in the new vivosaurs at the Caliosteo Islands.


Team One: Spinax, Carchar, Megalo, Amargo, Shoni

Team Two: Toba, Heracles, Krypto, Nigo, Hypsi

Team Three: Cerato, Camara, Dacerus

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